Blue Ascension Magni vs King Arthur

Frostmarch gave me the final telescope I need for a blue hero. Naturally the decision here should be Magni but with the new Avalon family bonus (crit + healing) does the community think that could give King Arthur the edge?

Other options include Alice, Miki, Rumplestiltskin, and Richard.


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I’d still go magni. He’s just useful in too many arenas.


I went Magni over King Arthur myself. Came down to one thing for me: King Arthur can be used at 3/70, Magni can’t


That’s what my logic is. Either way Arthur’s use on titans will be about the game. Thanks for the input!

Alice by a hare.

Stupid cheesy grin

Seriously though, I got magni at 4-80-9 and he rocks, but Alice is more durable without specials coming into play and that’s gotta count for something. If you have zeline, though, forget I said this…


Interesting about Alice! She seems good but is unleveled for me right now. I should be able to take Magni to +6 right away which will be great as well. Thanks for the advice!

Miki and Arthur are essential heroes against titans, but they’ll be okay-ish at 3/70. Go for a fast sniper, either Alice or Magni.


Thanks guys! I went with Magni. I think he will pair better between GM and Guin.


@Gallowspider Love that pun. :laughing: Anyway, Magni as he is more versatile of the two.


FWIW I love to see that a classic hero can still sort out as the best option over fancy-schmancy HotM and event heroes.


Yeah, the Lianna’s and Magni’s of the world give me hope. I wish they had similar stats to the new ones coming out. The power creep is becoming a little more apparent

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I am really struggling between blue ascensions for my defensive team. Would appreciate some help.

Thank you,

Yellow: Guinevere
Purple: Hel
Red: Gravemaker
Green: Alberich
Blue: Athena or Magni

Athena without question!!

Well, you have the best tank and left wing in the game in Guin and Alby, respectively. I’d personally go with Magni because of the fast mana to avoid your rainbow team getting too slow. Athena is great but like some people above mentioned, getting damage up for a sniper is a big key. I’d go with:


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I just love that you used the phrase fancy-schmancy. @Kerridoc

I love Athena, but I think with the other heroes in your D, magni is the way I’d go. No snipers if you use Athena over him. And no fast mana heroes.

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Magni. Fast sniper and buffs defense

That was my reaction as well. That’s a stacked defense but a slow one. In that case I would probably try to attack the side opposite of GM and think it would manageable. Plus Magni pairs well with a high DEF tank like Guin

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