King Arthur or Richard with Costume

I am totally at a loss on which blue 5 start to ascend next. I have been playing over two years. I no longer use any 3-70 hero as i have enough 5 stars for war and any other event. I currently have for blue.

Alice +20
Alasie +13
Ariel +12
Vela +5
Isarnia with Costume +1

Both Richard with costume and King Arthur are at 3-70 and I have enough to ascend 1.5 currently. So eventually i will do both. All my Paladin emblems are on Telly +20 and Clarissa +2. I also have Magni at 3-70 but I already have great snipers. I do not have his costume. I figure i would ascend Magni last.

Who would i get more use out of?

If you’ve got Frida already I’d do Richard.


Arthur is slightly better than Frida on Titans with the attack down. I’d go with him.

Not sure you’ll have much use for Richard in the current meta, if you bring a mono blue team, not sure I’d replace any of your top 5 with him anyway. Unlikely you’ll use either on defense, so Arthur and added value on titans gets my vote.

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I am not sure what your blue 4* troop situation is, but that should be considered as well. With costume Richard, you only need a lvl 5 mana troop to cut him from 10 to 9 tiles, as opposed to a lvl 23 troop for Arthur. This allows you to use your higher lvl mana troop (hopefully 23) on Frida, who Richards hit 3 pairs very well with.

With Frida already maxed, I don’t see Arthur getting a ton of use anyways. I would go with Richard.


You’ve said everything I was thinking but could not express properly because of my limited english ^_^"

I have level 29, level 11, level 9, level 6, Level 5, 5 star mana and one level 13 critical troop

Yeah for my titan or mono teams for events i usually run Frida/Isnaria/Fenrir/Alice/Alasie. Than if i need a healer, i swap Arial in for one of the above depending on what is needed. This team has gotten me a titan score of 117K which is my best.

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