Crew-Rogues ReCREWting!

We are a casually competitive players growing together as one team and one family. Currently chaining 10* Titans and would like to move up to 11* as we fill our 5 vacancies. Titans are mandatory. War is optional. However, if opted in for war all 6 flags must be used. Six war ready teams. We use rotating tanks with a simple strategy as needed.

Real life comes first for our family members. It’s a relaxed environment. Titans go down daily. Use your six flags for war or team up with a fellow Rogue.

Communication and teamwork is a must! Teamwork is the Dreamwork. Line is required.

Currently we are an invite only alliance. Trophies at 2200 will get you in to join us! Contact bzzldy.

We also have a variety of playstyles from sister alliances, choose the one that fits!

Crew-Saders (Top 100)

Crew-Jesters (Top 200)

Crew-Mates (Semi-Competitive)

Crew-Barons (Semi-Competitive)


We Chill & Kill!

Come check us out!

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Chill and Kill! Check the Rogues!

One of the great groups of Crew Family! Check them and you will not lose! They still have 4 spots open! :scream_cat:Let’s fill them!!!

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Check out Crew-Rogues, semi-competitive with a relaxed environment

Chill & Kill!