Crew-Rogues ReCREWting!

We are a casually competitive players growing together as one team and one family. Currently chaining 10* Titans and would like to move up to 11* as we fill our 5 vacancies. Titans are mandatory. War is optional. However, if opted in for war all 6 flags must be used. Six war ready teams. We use rotating tanks with a simple strategy as needed.

Real life comes first for our family members. It’s a relaxed environment. Titans go down daily. Use your six flags for war or team up with a fellow Rogue.

Communication and teamwork is a must! Teamwork is the Dreamwork. Line is required.

Currently we are an invite only alliance. Trophies at 2200 will get you in to join us! Contact bzzldy.

We also have a variety of playstyles from sister alliances, choose the one that fits!

Crew-Saders (Top 100)

Crew-Jesters (Top 200)

Crew-Mates (Semi-Competitive)

Crew-Barons (Semi-Competitive)


We Chill & Kill!

Come check us out!

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Chill and Kill! Check the Rogues!

One of the great groups of Crew Family! Check them and you will not lose! They still have 4 spots open! :scream_cat:Let’s fill them!!!

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Check out Crew-Rogues, semi-competitive with a relaxed environment

Chill & Kill!

4 spots open in a great group!!! Let’s fill them!!!

Check ot Crew-Rogues, spots still open!

Chill & Kill!

Hey I have myself and my brother wanting to join a more competitive alliance our raid scores are 2230/2541. Defense teams are 4124/4314. We attack the titan and always do our war. How can we get an invite in? My username on there is Jake Is Weak and his is JSostheim


Hello jake, i am one from the Crew family, i would love to hook you up with the Rogues Leader. If you have Line, her id is Bzzldy.

If you won’t be able to get ahold of her, let me know at nonot.29 and i will help you get to Rogues.


Hey Jake!
We would like to have the two of you join us!

Contact me on Line at Bzzldy.

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Hey Jake still waiting to hear from you two! Apply @ Crew-Rogues. Come have some fun with us and chillax at the same time!

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The best choice for both of you to have fun with the game while you will gain knowledge the same time. Crew-Rogues worth the trouble!

Last spot here! Who will be the lucky one?

We are almost full! Just one more to chillax with us

The brothers Jake and Josh joined us and are growing with knowledge and speed from all input from our members! Rogues wants you!

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