Crew-Rogues Recruiting 2022

We invite you to join us, be a part of our big family, under great leadership of @Bzzinator. :innocent: :joy: :smiley: :muscle: :sunglasses: :facepunch: latest news, Hero Grading, Limit Break, hangaout, chat, academy, war-titan team advices.

Don’t forget to contact Line ID: Bzzldy @Bzzinator

What are your current war rules? I might be interested in getting involved with an active alliance again.

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We are happy to have you with us @lfleurie welcome to family :slight_smile:

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We asure that your board luck will increase %100 with us :rofl:

Just a quick note of etiquette - we generally wont accept new members during matchmaking for war

Yes… yes my dear… I see you are not happy there… So much drama… That… Stormcrow… Lathspell bothered you well enough… You need new crowd to make the fur fly. Gooood… when are you coming?

Still looking for new Rogues!
Contact Bzzldy on Line and join other awesome members of Crew Alliance family!

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