Crew-Barons - 7 spots free - 11-12* titans

2200 cups
4600 defense
Level 50+
10 maxed 5 s and 30+ maxed 4 /5* 3.70
100k soft target on titans

Currently we are taking on 11/12* titans (mostly 12*). We are looking for active players who will use all war flags when opted in and use all of your the titan flags. Friendly atmosphere with plenty of resources to help you grow. Line is required. Feel free to contact me on Line even if you have different requirements, we have alliances of all levels in the Crew family.

Line ID: mpolo67

Other Crew Family Alliances

These are the Re-Crew-tment forum threads; check each OP for the crew that fits you (the You-Crew :rofl:):


We’ve still got room! Come on over!

Looking for 7 intrepid heroes!

Just 6 spots left! Come and join us.

We’re looking for 6 people still. Come on in, the water’s fine!

Great friendly group here with loyal members! I would suggest to give them a chance! :crossed_swords:

Looking for 7 people – we’re stringing 12* titans, and would move up to 13* if a few more people join.

Still looking. We’d love to have you!

We still have room for anyone looking for a new home before the next POV starts. Typically push up to 12*s to keep the titan part not a headache. Stop on by, we’d love to see some new faces!

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Check out Crew-Barons!

Semi-competitive environment
Simple War Strategy

Come on guys, this is the place to be!

7 open spots in Crew-Barons! An ideal choice for a bigger group of friends who want to play and have fun all together!!!

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