Semi-Competitive, Chaining 13* Titans, Mandatory. Wars are Optional. 6 War-Ready Teams. Use All Flags. 2 Wave Wars. Simple Strategy, then FFA at the 16th hour mark. Purple Tanks. Preferably Level 65+ with a decent roster.

We are a bunch of people with busy lives who still kicks it with titans and wars. We are just the usual alliance, sometimes chatty, sometimes not. We communicate, we teach, we are big on teamwork, but we dont have time for drama, we only mean business.

We are looking for hitters. We lost some brothers due to real life engagements. Most of us are playing 2-4 years together. We are active on our responsibilities everyday at the alliance. We may be busy but DISCIPLINE and TEAMWORK always saves the day for us.

Our alliance is currently open but we have a 2400 cup filter because we are aiming for war hitters, if you are strategizing on your RAIDS and doesn’t meet the cup requirement at our door, please drop us message here.
And you can also send us a message through Line, ID is crew-mates Please feel free to add.

We are an English-speaking alliance. Have members from around the globe - Asia, Europe, America and Australia

We are currently 27/30 and are looking to fill up again. We grow titans in line with alliance capacity, we dont like the chase, we dont like wasting resources, we believe resources are for rosters, not titans.

If u have other questions, drop a message.

Independent players, solo or a small pack, come on let’s talk!

We also have other Crew Alliances that you can check out, see where you fit

Crew-Saders (Top 100)

Crew-Jesters (Top 200)


Crew-Rogues (Casually Competitive)


Come on guys, check us out!

Independent players
Small group of loyal players
You are all welcome to hit it with us,
Let’s get busy together on the real business!

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Line: Nonot.29

Open for 5

Check us out!

Open for 4

Busy? But still want to kick in the game?
Dont like chasing 14* titans?
Want to hoard your resources to work on your roster?

Come On, check us out.

Let’s get busy together!

4 spots open! Come on, we’re waiting!

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Still open spots? Let’s fill them all!!! Come fast with your friends and have fun!

Spots still open.
Hit titans.
Opt in, use all flags,
or opt out, your choice.
We dont ask for more.

Relaxed environment but still competitive people

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@Maverick1979 we also have UK / European players

2 spots

Come oN guys, let’s get busy together!

Spots still open.

Hitters this way please… door is open and entrance is free…

If you bring friends there might be beer and chips on your way in… :grin:

Spots open!

Busy people.
Hitting titans.
Doing wars.
Not very chatty.
We just mean business.
Sometimes ■■■■ happens and we understand RL comes first.
Busy hitters like us come on in, let’s talk.

Slackers - go to a different alliance. Move along.

Check out Crew Alliances!

Come on guys, let’s get busy together!

This way please. .

Spots still open.

Looking for 2 more hitters.

We are busy but we get things done.

Check us out.

Busy people

Hit titans everyday

Use warflags

That’s all we ask

1 spot to fill for a retiring player again…

Come on guys, 1 more to replace another retiring brother

Busy people still kicking with titans and wars
Come on, get busy with us
We need 1 more!