Crafting recipes - updated

Completed list of crafting recipes, costs, times, max. battle amount and description.

Wallpaper crafting:


Fun! but I think Melandor and Rigard are backwards. Rigard clears debuffs from your own team. :smile:


Thank you for this nice detailed picture.

@Rook is awesome for grammar correcting! She also edits my larger projects. I think we could give her the title of official editor of the unofficial E&P resource creators? :wink:


Eep! runs away :grin: :grin:

Any update on this page? (Marjana’s Item forward…?)

oops! @Pois1, I can fill in times.

Dragon attack - 15m 0s
Super mana potion - 20m 0s
Time stop - 25m 0s
…Crumb. I’ll have to come back in 25min to finish the list. hit craft instead of close.

Other useful stats to show would be # of the items you can take into battle, and the duration of items (banners, weapons, time stops). That info is in the wiki. I’ll have to add time to craft to the wiki though…

Tornado - 25m 0s
Miracle Scroll - 30m 0s

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Cool stuff. Sadly from my raid experience, Alberich likes to be more of a Miracle Scroll kind of situation :rofl:


Nice list. I would put Colen or Azlar as the owner of the bomb attack, as they’re the fire dudes, not Horghall.

Yeah, but the bomb attack effect is the same as Horghalls special. Guessing that was the idea?

Fair point. I had forgotten that bombs impair attack rather than DoT.


Should be alberiches miracle scroll

Thank you for filling the crafting times. Updated the list.

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Hi @Pois1,
Thanks again for this handy visual summary of crafting recipes for battle items :clap:

Few minor corrections in the item descriptions. Refer below picture for confirmation.

  1. Bomb Attack - it is -25% attack and not -20% attack
  2. Dragon Attack - it is 132 damage over 6 turns and not 60 damage over 6 turns
  3. Tornado - with today’s 1.9.5 update, it is only 40% mana gain now and not 50% mana gain as before

Great job putting together that big recipes picture. And if it is not too much of an effort, if possible somewhere in there, just from a completeness perspective maybe can you try squeezing in the * ratings also for each item, like axe attack is 2* but bomb attack is 3* and so on. Just a suggestion :grin:


Well, thank you. Consider it done.


And you updated it already. Looks good. Thanks :grinning:

I have to collect more items before moving to another level, I am getting the just if things.

can the list be a little larger in font size for a better visual.

How do you get all of these crafting choices