Beginner player with some questions about leveling heroes!

Lok thank you mates, the game looks very interesting and it makes fun :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany :wink:


Welcome chiller
Game is very addictive so be careful :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is a Great topic that have many points and great to read for new players, and if you have any more questions i will be happy to answer you just mention me


Good morning guys!
I have read a lot of helpful and great things in this thread but I have to questions:

The first is, I have levelled my Sharan fully and also the special ability. Now I’ve thought I can ascend with her, but there is only a button, that “talent grid” is just available at lv. 15 (I am at gamelevel 8 now). I have collected so many red heroes, so what should I do now? By the way, I like this game very much but I’m pretty sure, I don’t want to spend real money in it.

The next question is to the trainer heroes: I have read, I should use them later to a 3 star hero e. g. right? - But I’ve also seen, some people used the trainer heroes in raids, but why? I have thought, they aren’t so good in fighting respectiavely they are good in feeding other same-color heroes.
At the moment, I have so many goods, I’m building the whole time storerooms - but how can I spend it without leveling heroes? Is it possible to level troops, if yes, how and makes this sense?

Thank you fellas :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

1* and 2* heroes won’t be of use for super long.

Once you upgrade your Stronghold to at least 12, and upgrade a Training Camp to at least 12, you can train guaranteed 3* heroes. Training Camp 13 is a tiny bit better, with a small (roughly 2-4%) chance for 4* heroes.

Since you don’t plan to spend money on the game, your Training Camps will be the main source of your heroes.

Depending on your building progress, I actually would consider continuing to collect and hold onto red 1* and 2* heroes and not leveling them if you’re close to being able to train 3* heroes. It looks like you have the roster space to keep that up for a bit while you feed other colors.

Yes, Trainer Heroes are basically for feeding to other heroes, and despite coming fully ascended, aren’t very powerful or useful. But they can be better than 1* or 2* heroes until you have better options, so sometimes people use them until they get better heroes.

It is possible to level troops by building a Barracks, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a priority for quite a while. Troop upgrades are extremely expensive in food costs by comparison to feeding heroes.

There’s also a good chance you don’t yet have troops worth leveling. Only 3* and 4* troops make much sense to level, and as a player not spending any money, it will likely take you weeks to months to acquire good 3* troops, and months to years to acquire 4* troops in all of the colors. And without spending a large amount of money on the game, leveling 4* troops is a multi-year endeavor.


All right, thank you very very much zephyr1 :slight_smile:

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So how do we activate the things we want use in this it’s a good game but I can figure it out…can some one help on this???

Hi @Jokingaroundwithya, welcome to the Forum!

What are you trying to activate?

Like the things we win on here on unlock it’s I only get to use the same things over and over but I a bunch I use so wondering how use them

I guess it the craft and other things I’m the game!! I keep getting the same to use that why I am asking for

Are you asking about what to do with crafting ingredients like these?

Yes it seems pointless if I can’t use them!!!

You can use them. :slight_smile:

They’re used to make items in your Forge.

Each Forge level lets you make a different item, and requires different ingredients.

For example:

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So you can’t pick the ones you want to use??? It’s using the same 2 things or is something else I need to do to use them??

Each item has a particular recipe to make it. But by the time you have your Forge maxed to level 20, there will be a use for every ingredient.

Here’s a full list of all of the possible items and their ingredients:

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Ok I was jus making sure I wasn’t missing something thanks for.your help

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Worry not, there will come times when you’ll literally feel a powerful urge to throw your phone away because the tiles won’t match or your heroes won’t charge in time, but you’re gonna love every second of it!!! :wink: It’s an addictive ride…

Being free to play (F2P) as in spending no money on the game will slow you down quite a bit, but perseverance and time can bring you the almost the same things as money

Why does no one read the wiki? Oh, that’s right, no one tells them to.

New players, there is an E&P wiki. Read it

Trying to post about a bug, where my aife is level 20 but is a black hole and will not let me start using skill tokens.

@zephyr1 might need to move this

@echbearsfan - her skill level also needs to be 8/8


@echbearsfan Welcome to the Forum!

As @JonahTheBard said, Aife’s special skill needs to be maxed to unlock the Talent Grid.

Now that she’s at maximum Level, you can increase her special skill with 100% chance by training her with another Aife. If you need to increase her special skill multiple times to get to 8/8, train her with a single Aife one at a time for each special skill level you need.

Some further information from a similar question above (this person was asking about 1* Sharan):

Since Aife is a 1* hero, and relatively common to get from World Map stages or training camp level 1/2, feeding a duplicate Aife is your best bet.


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