Free Springvale Items are Pretty Crummy — What are Midnight Roots and Orichalcum Nuggets Used For?

Pretty crummy day 21 free deal after all the money spent What are the ingredients used for

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Hi @Birdman, welcome to the Forum!

Here’s a full guide to Crafting Recipes:

Midnight Roots are used for:

  • Miracle Scrolls
  • Super Mana Potions
  • Revive Scrolls
  • Bomb Attacks
  • Mana Potions

Orichalcum Nuggets are used for:

  • Tornadoes
  • Super Healing Potions
  • Revive Scrolls

Of those, Bomb Attacks, Mana Potions, Super Mana Potions, Tornadoes, and Revive Scrolls are arguably the most useful of the hard-to-craft items. So while this isn’t a windfall free gift, it’s a nice little boost for crafting those items.

If you haven’t been playing for a while, this is pretty typical for the first free gift from a Seasonal Event.

The later gift is likely to be some flasks, or possibly an Epic token or two.


Thanks for the free gift SG, was everything I’m missing to progress, I’m thrilled…


You know , after freeness is …


Sorry for this post, but, I am very disappointed how Small Giants has so very little appreciation for their customers. The Spring Offers free day is such an insult… why bother?


Midnight Roots and Orichalcum Nuggets are two things many players are chronically short of. It’s actually very useful to me. I never have enough Midnight Roots :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m starting to think that SG could give away 100 of every ascension item in the game for free to all players, and some would still complain because it wasn’t 101.

Thanks for the free gift, SG! :slightly_smiling_face:


At least the token gave me Aife.


I’ve not been to playing very long but I’m thankful for any small “free” boost SG gives out. It’s my choice to spend or not to spend, SG owes me nothing. I chose to play this game, I enjoy it, in all it’s intricacies, so it’s all perception.

If spent 1k a Month on pulls, my choice. If I spend 2.99 on 400 gems, my choice. If SG gives me a freebie, I’m not complaining.

If, and when, this game becomes stale…I’ll move one. That’s it, pretty simple.


Man do you need to revive you heroes that often…maybe you need a new strategy :smile:

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If the 5 Aife offense is wrong, then I don’t want to be right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Devs, I will be the first to say this (on a post) about today’s free loot… You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves. 5 roots, a nugget and a summons token…? Really…? Would it really hurt you to put a 4* ascension mat as a free item…? Does Zynga have a say…? I really think you should appreciate these players more than just 5 roots… Don’t forget that people have spent money. Yes, it’s our choice, but you should appreciate the people that have put YOU, where you are today… So would it make you go bankrupt by putting better loot…?

PS… 18 12* titans in a row, and 1 tome of tactics in the alliance was given out that entire time…


There’s actually already a thread for feedback on the free gift today. It’s often helpful to do a quick search for existing topics before starting a new thread, so that similar feedback can be collected and discussed in one place.

(@Kerridoc @Zephyr1 @Rook possible merge)


I never have enough orichalcum nuggets (tornadoes) and I burn thru midnight roots almost as fast as I get them. I was only missing dragon bones to make the freebie complete. Maybe the next free gift? :wink:


SG free stuff is like getting a six digit phone number from a girl you have a big crush on …

The seventh number comes next week. :grin:

The 7th number will be a letter :wink:

I don’t see how that’s a problem:


(Unless it’s “Q” or “Z”…) :grin:


Heh Sweet Jesus Rook -

I can’t figure out if your old and set in your ways, or younger and liking rotary phones ironically :slight_smile:

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I like black cats. The rotary phone fit into my existing cat esthetic. :grin:


Back on topic! :rofl:

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