Costume Level Up - Experience and Materials Required + Experience Gained via Feeding

All good, glad I helped :stuck_out_tongue:

What, btw, Makes ascention items harder to track? Just a bit confused by the first part of your comment

I have an excel sheet for this, now I need some more columns, because unfarmable mats are used. And it’s more complicated, because a costume can be leveled (but also cannot) on different heroes :slight_smile:
I have the costume for Rigard, have 3 Rigards, so I can - if I want - ascend it for all 3 Rigards. So I need 0-3 trap tools, depending on my decision. I have 2 Sonyas and the costume and I have one Boldie and the costume.

Something like this: Ascension Materials Log/Data sheet

Now it looks like this on my personal sheet, lol…


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have an unleveled Horghall and his unleveled costume. Does this mean I can have a fully leveled Horghall without spending any blades/tomes/etc??

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Nope. You need to take classic Horghall to last ascension, in order to take the costume to last ascension. You can then leave him at 4/1, but the ascension is needed.


Ah I imagined so, thanks!

I use extra costumes to help level BT. Now sitting at 4-50 but costume is only level FIVE. Main BT if +20. I doubt I will get hero to level 8 to start embleming that costume.

comment/ suggestions

When the costume is at max level, further feeding will give a boost to the special skill…

Covered in the OP above. 1* on colour goes from 2% chance to a 10% chance etc…

3* duplicate costume is 12800, not the 25600 shown in the table currently.

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4* Trainer of the same colour provides +15k to the costume, not 12k as mentioned.

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Thanks @DGERic and @ll2000sr, have update the sheet and will edit post according :slight_smile:


The overview is in your other thread, share it or pick up the no. from it. Up to you :+1:t2:



I have a fully ascended Meleondor with 20 emblems. I had maxed the costume but the special of the costume got stuck at a 7…how do I get the special skill to 8? I had been feeding greens to Meleondor and nothing happens. How do I get full use of the special, how much more greens must I throw in to get that last push. The costume is worth nothing and my feeding a total waste.

Feed him 10x 1* heroes and it’ll max (100% chance of going up)

I go with 7x 1* (70% chance) but that plays the odds a little :wink:


Thanks finally hit it sorted

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For a f2p, witch is the more efficient way to lvl a 5*costume? First feeders and left the costumes to higher lvls?

Depends if you’re food starved or not

At this moment all my farms are full and I lack recruits to hoard food.

It’s the same theory as hoarding trainers.
For me personally I don’t bother as the overall exp gain is the same whether you use the high exp stuff early or late.

Only thing that changes is the overall food cost. For me, I am not really short on food so it’s not a concern for me. I also like my roster space & not having it taken up by trainer heroes (obviously doesn’t apply to costume patterns as they take up no space).


If the base hero doesn’t have maxed special, but the costume does, does the character receive the full costume bonus (say, you really only want to use the costumed version…)?

Yup. You just won’t be able to apply any Emblems as you use and apply emblems to the base hero

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