Third lianna or first costume

I just pulled a lianna costume. I have 2 fully upgraded lianna. Is having the third lianna worth more than costume? I only have enough tonic for one or the other…

Never ascended a 5* costume but I think you need less ascension materials for costume version…so definetely worth ascending the costume.


I would max both Lianna costumes before thinking of a 3rd Lianna.
You only Need 40% of XP, and you need less Materials.


I should clarify. I just got the lianna costume which defaults to having an extra lianna. But I didn’t realize it’s only 40% resource. Thanks everyone!

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You dont need tonics to ascend a costume to max


Only needs 4 shields for final tier


Always, always the costume over a duplicate copy of hero you you already have. Why?

  1. It will make all copies of that hero that you have stronger via the costume bonus once the hero is finished ascension.

  2. It’s cheaper to ascend, it requires less food, feeders, and materials - for 5* a lot less materials.

  3. You gain time to see if you pull a hero you don’t already have that you’d want to work on before the duplicate.


Ok yeah that does it for me. Thank you!

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I guess I should ask. With the buff to margaret, who I have ignored all this time. Is she worth prioritizing at this time?

And should I go for a second magni first or upgrade a Richard. I also have a fully upgraded isarnia and snow white.

Actually, no. Whenever you fully ascend a costume, the bonus is awarded only to that copy. All other copies also need their costumes to be ascended.


Sorry, I wasn’t specific enough. You level up a costume where you have multiple heroes. You can switch which hero wears that copy of the costume. Now, if you have 1 maxed hero, and another on a lesser tier, it can’t wear that maxed costume. However, any max tier hero can wear it. Most importantly, Costumes no longer lock in War or Tourney defense.

See Q9 here:

In that same thread it talks about not needing duplicate costumes, which is true if you are using them separately in successive war attacks. If you are using 2 at once, you will need multiple costumes.

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You don’t need two costumes. One costume is OK for as many duplicates heroes you may have. But each one of them needs to actually ascend the costume. So I think you are still incorrect.

For example, I have two maxed Lianna and manage to pull the costume. I ascended the costume on one of them, but the other one can’t use the costume. I need to ascend it for her too.

If that’s the case, then the FAQ & guide thread is very confusing and needs to be fixed. Sometimes those threads get things wrong, but they have adjusted & edited that one.

Not really. Q3 is pretty clear and fits my experience with both my Liannas.

Q3 – All my [Insert Hero Name] now have the costume?

  • Yes! What you summon from the portal is a costume PATTERN .
  • Each heroes then wears a COSTUME OUTFIT made from this PATTERN.
  • Each costume however must be levelled up individually. I.e. levelling costume a will not reflect/transfer onto hero b wearing the same costume

NOTE AGAIN , levelling a hero costume is capped at the same ascension tier as the underlying hero… A 1-1 base hero cannot have a costume out of tier 1.

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