Version 29 Costume Experience Change

Version 29 Costume Experience Change

Thread to detail changes w.r.t this part of the V29 Release Notes:

Click here for V29 Release Notes: Version 29 Release Notes & Status

OLD Experience Gain

NEW Experience Gain

Comparing Old & New



Edit Note → The change in 5* hero costume (on & off colour) feeding is likely not real but in actuality a side effect of the original numbers being generated from the formula. I wouldn’t read into them too much/ at all.

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Dang should’ve waited to update until I’d finished my Tibs costume :frowning_face: that dupe one isn’t nearly as useful now once special reaches 8.

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I mean i know they want money but why make the grind harder?


Thank you. The on and off color changes are minor but the dupe one is a HUGE Nerf.


Some of the nerfs I understand. Need to keep the balance and such. But some, like this one, just make you say why? It takes long enough to max a base 5* hero as is. Why make the grind for the costume even longer now? That was one of the perks of costumes was that it didn’t take long to level them. Sigh


Wow. That dupe nerf is harsh. Making sure I get mine used before the update hits my devices.


Seriously, would LOVE to know the reason behind this one. Are people really leveling costumed heroes too fast?? LOL. Ridiculous.


For rare it makes sense to reduce as most max costume only goes 3/8 special skills so reducing the xp gives more chance to increase the special but for epic and Legendary I don’t have any clue :man_shrugging:t2:


I have no idea why somebody would raise his hand in a meeting and go like: “we should talk about the experience gained from feeding costumes, it is so high that it breaks the game. Balancing that before anything else is inevitable at this point”


Trying to look at this from a different perspective…

While obviously no one would be happy about such change because it makes leveling longer/more resource consuming regardless of player’s level, it did feel very odd that a single feeder gave so much exp, nothing to compare with any other experience source. It also caused trouble when costumes were maxed but their specials were still at lvl 4. The feeders you saved earlier, you just had to keep putting just to max the ability. Now it should be more rational. Besides how often do you actually level up with dupe costume. It’s not as great impact as it sounds like.

Still baffling that it actually got them thinking, over all the other problems and qol changes needed/possible for the game :man_shrugging: Wish they were looking at Alchemy Lab numbers with such scrutiny.




apparently I was attached to the elegance of the original formula.



Skill roll % problem

My calm thought later, I bet this is a response to skill rolls and tier 1 customer support ( see notes ).

If so, I would have just increased the +costume skill roll % by 5x if same color ( instead of 2x for base heroes. Gah. Costumes are so confusing) and by 2.5x if off color.

For extra costume patterns used to level a hero’s costume outfit = +62.5% or +75% just to make it less confusing for non math people.

If I am correct, it is a problem of the game being 3+ years old, and many Devs decisions about +skill rolls finally leading to this outcome like just 5*+20 tanks are a cumulation of years of decisions ( see notes )


Click for notes

Costume XP

Trainer Hero +skill roll

([Suggestion] Upgrade Trainer Hero (+skill roll))

Max tier, max level

10+ at a time

4/8 3* 1.1 heroes

Makes summons random 1/8 to 8/8

Oldest bug reports

The Devs do love merciless RNG

(Search results for 'special skill not 8/8 #bugs-issues ' - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum)

5*+20 Tanks


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This is probably correct.

But it is not the root of the problem.

The actual cause is no 1* / 2* costumes in the Costume chamber, training camp design and merciless RNG.


Decisions about training camps, and summons odds, really have a much deeper impact on game play than I originally thought.

The Australian report’s expert are correct and micro transactions often lead to sub optimal results for both P2P and F2P.

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But now I still have to use those feeders to level my costume and by the time I finish leveling I will need to use more feeders to max the skill.

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I think it’s more likely an unintended change that they are trying to pass as an official change, just like how they did on 2018 for counterattacks: link

20 Dittos on that…

I dont see the point. Costumes still are comparedly very cheap to max them. And they are designed for long time players to give their old heroes a bit of new life.
The stat and mana bonuses seem to weight more than the changed special abilities.

With a costume summon you do get the base hero additionally(!).
I think after the costume chambers changes after round 1 (everybody moaned that he has a costume but not the hero, you remember?) it is completely normal to lower down duplicated exp, as you do have additional exp with the additional base hero.

And yes, that should have been changed after the first redesign of costumes, and seriously nobody would have had any complaint :wink:

Interesting. I don’t see what’s the point of balancing the xp gain. I mean a grind to get costumes maxed is already a bit much as it. You already have to use more mats and a bunch of feeders to get similar output of what the regular hero gives already.

Not going to lie I kept scrolling looking for any hero adjustments. Telluria won’t be changed if they haven’t done so now. It’s a bit weird how they haven’t done any hero balancing in a while for every hero.

Hero Rebalancing has been promised as in the works for a little while now… Maybe the Telluria stuff is enough to push them over the edge & just get it done…?


Dear All,
Basically I’ve lost 125.600 XP with 2 piece of Skittleskull’s costume, 1 Isarnia and 3 Tyrum. It means 107 2star hero from same color. Is there oppurtunity to get a compensation for it?