Costume special skill

Hello, I would like to ask, what is your way of increasing the special abilities of heroes in costumes? Do you make 10 heroes of the same color or different?I have a problem with this, please advice.

You can use up to 10 Heroes or Costumes at a time, of any colour, to level up your Costume. This has a chance of upgrading the Special Skill, depending on the kinds of Heroes and Costumes you use.

What is the problem you are having?

My problem is that I have Lianne and I have no artifacts to get her higher. And the special ability doesn’t want to jump any higher.

What is your idea for this ability?

You cannot improve the skills without ascending the rest of the way. Only time you can do skills by themselves is if the hero/costume is maxed (4/80).

That is a tough spot to be in, for sure. All I can think of is waiting until you have a bunch of Trainer Heroes for that last level up, in order to get the best chances.

Is the base Hero all the way up?

I’d use only green feeders until I max the special skill. You have 17 levels to 3-70, guess you can improve a bit. Maybe even 3* green heros and costumes to maximize the chance.

I think using trainer heroes here would be the worst possible idea? Using 1*s greens might give you the most chances overall,


Why did I think trainer Heroes give a bonus to the Skill increase %? My bad, that was dumb.

Anyway, even 2* would be better here than 1*. 1* feed maxes out at 20% for on colour, while 2* maxes at 40%. Even if there was enough XP space to do more than one level up action, in this equation 20% + 20% < 40%. In support of this, you can run over the end of the XP space and use all 10 feeders.

Higher rarity would be even better in the limited XP space they have, but I don’t get the feeling this player has excess Rare Heroes… yet :rofl: