Ascension Materials Log/Data sheet

Hello Everyone,

Here is a simple spreadsheet that I use to track all the ascension materials that I receive from the game.

I thought that this might be helpful, so please feel free to use it for yourself if you like to keep track of such things. When you open it, go to “File” and then click on “Make a copy”, and you will have your own version of the spreadsheet.

PS: The numbers in the sheet are just placeholders so that the percentage doesn’t become undefined.

Directions on how to use the sheet

You need to manually fill the “Received” and “Used” columns and the “Inventory” column will populate by itself. When you are using it for the first time you might need to do a little bit of back calculation to find out how many AM-s you received till now. This can be done pretty easily.

Click here for more details

For example, if you have 10 hidden blades in your inventory and you have 2 maxed red 4 star heroes. It means you have used up 8 hidden blades, and therefore in total you have received 18 hidden blades till now. So just put the numbers 18 and 8 in columns B and C, and column D will update automatically (10 in this case). Do this for all items and you should be set. Don’t forget that 5 star heroes on their 3rd ascension tier uses the same ascension items as that of 4 stars on their 4th ascension tier. Click here if you want a full list of what items are used for ascending each color of heroes.

Once you do this, you should be set and from this point on wards, whenever you receive or use certain AM-s, just update columns B and C accordingly.

Also, don’t forget to change the “Start Date” (that will be different for different players). That can be easily found out by going to your Achievement section of your Google Play or Game Center and see the date on which you completed the tutorial. The “Current Date” updates automatically everyday.

Hopefully, this spreadsheet will help you get a perspective of the bigger picture and how many ascension items you get on an average over the time that you have spent on the game. It also shows how RNG works for everyone. Personally, I have felt so many times that the game gives me certain items more than other items, but given enough time I started observing that I have obtained each item in a more or less equal fashion (within the purview of probability of course).

Click here if you are interested in my personal AM acquisition rate ever since I started playing (also includes my TC20 pulls and elemental chest tracking).

Please feel free to tag me if you have any questions regarding the spreadsheet.

Happy gaming :slight_smile:


Can you show me exactly how you did that link “here”? I know the topic with formatting posts, but there is explained like ■■■■… So please show me exactly how you put the link and the word “here” by letting a space somewhere to not compress. Ty.

In you want to insert a link to a word, just select that word and click the following button. :slight_smile:

I still don’t get it… I have 2 rectangles. I put the link in the first one, obviously. If I put the “optional title” the word here, then will compress like in your post?

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I actually recently started compiling a mental list of the unfarmable only AMs I have received in game, on my main account only, to see how my “current loot” compares to the “average loot” I have received in my just over 12 months of playing.

I’m not going to bother with spreadsheets or anything and this is not meant to be an actual database or guide for other players to go by. It’s a small sample size and some of these items might have been acquired via purchases, quests, or other means… I didn’t keep track of all the details. The only details I know for sure is how many of each unfarmable AM I have obtained on my main account since I started playing in September 2018, as there is no way to trade, sell or dispose of any AM aside from using them for ascensions, and I have never disposed of any 4* or 5* hero… so it’s a simple matter of adding up the mats I currently have, along with those that I have already used to ascend the heroes on my roster.

So here it is.
Just over 12 months of playtime
Admittedly not playing hardcore, usually doing at least 1 monster chest a day but skipped several raid chests; actively participating in AWs for at least 60% of that time with an assumed average 50% win rate (didn’t keep track of exactly how many AW chests I’ve filled, or how many elemental chests I’ve managed to pop, etc.)
306 titans defeated
About $135 spent total (mostly VIP, one package deal and a few smaller gem purchases)

Unfarmable AMs received (some were guaranteed items from quests):

6 Damascus blades
5 Tomes of tactics
4 Farsight telescopes
4 Mysterious tonics
6 Mystic rings
4 Poison darts
4 Royal tabards

18 Compasses
25 Fine gloves
17 Hidden blades
19 Orbs of magic
13 Sturdy shields
22 Warm capes
27 Trap tools

The last time I got an unfarmable AM (aside from the guaranteed orb/darts from the last quest) was 4 days ago, 1 trap tool from a titan.

Yes… The word that you select will become a hyperlink, and the link that you put in the upper rectangle will be the link where want the reader to go.

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Okay, looks good. That’s exactly what this post is for. Instead of keeping a mental note I just write is down on a spreadsheet. Whenever I get a new AM from any source I just add a number to the corresponding item and also whenever I use certain items I add it the 2nd column of the corresponding item, so that my inventory is also on check. I am a F2P player, so all the items I acquired in the last 11 months are from the game itself. Also, it gives me an overall perspective of how many AMs I receive on an average per day, and what percentage of those are 3* and 4* mats. :slight_smile:

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That guy who tried to explain here, just didn’t. How hard it was for him to explain the first rectangle is for the link and the second one for the name which the link will appear? Laziness :smile:

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Alternatively, you can also use the simple code: Click [place word here](place link here)

So whatever word you want to use as the link goes in the square bracket, and the link goes into the round brackets. :slight_smile:

I wish I had started keeping track earlier… and I don’t have any spreadsheet software. I’ve just been noticing a decrease in unfarmable AMs lately compared to what I used to get, so I thought I would add them all up and compare my overall accumulation over 12 months vs. what I’ve gotten in the last month. It seems like I got most of my AMs in my first 6 months of playing, which is kind of odd since at the time I wasn’t doing all the rare quests, I was in an alliance that was losing most of their wars and killing lower level titans than my current alliance. :thinking:

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Awesome. :slight_smile:

That’s an unusual conundrum. Because for me I got the least amount of AMs in the first 6 months… I remember several months ago my AM acquisition rate was around 0.7/day, and now it is almost 1.25/day…which means that I definitely get more AMs now, which is logical because now I am able to complete all quests and events. Also, my alliance now hits 9-10 star titans, previously we used to kill 4-5 star titans (I have always been in the same alliance).

Yeah, it’s weird. My first alliance struggled to kill even normal 5* titans, even with 25-30 members. My current alliance with only 14 members (lowest level 15, highest 38) kills all of our 5* titans (both normal and rares) easily, averaging only 3 flags per member. My first alliance never killed a single 6* titan, not even when we had full 30 members. Yet somehow I managed to accumulate more unfarmable AMs in that group, scoring in the A-B range on 4-5* titans than I’m averaging now in the A-A+ range on 5-6* titans. Also, first alliance lost 2/3 of their AWs and my current alliance was winning 2/3 of ours for a while. And to boot, at the time I had a mostly 3* team that couldn’t complete most of the “guaranteed unfarmable mat” quests, and I struggled to even reach gold tier in raids. Now I’m doing as many rare quests as I can and I’ve been in platinum raid tier for months (don’t have the patience or bench strength to reach diamond).

Based on my calculations though, my overall loot accumulation was actually better before I started winning wars… before I reached platinum tier… before I started killing 6* / rare 5* titans with A+ scores… before I was able to complete every tier of the rare quests (such as the recent Shiloh Desert - I’m still not able to complete Legendary tier on the “challenge events” like Knights of Avalon, though I am now able to confidently finish Rare and Epic, whereas early on I would struggle just to finish Rare)

Obviously the experience is different for everyone and it’s probably just my own personal crappy RNG, but I’ve always had crappy RNG compared to everyone else in my alliances, and I was hoping that eventually mine would get better. Never actually thought that it could possibly get worse.

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To be clear to the owner of this excel tracking; in one year you only have that much 4* ascension materials? Doesn’t add up with all the quests and events.

Are you referring to my personal spreadsheet or the example one? Also, just to be clear I am an F2P player, so it takes time for us to get heroes and develop a deep enough bench to complete all rare quests and challenge event. For me, it took me about 4 months to get to that point. :slight_smile:

Rare quests give 3x 4* items per month, so in 6 months one gets 18x 4* items. But I have acquired 84x 4* items till now, I think its fine. :slight_smile:


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Nice to see that I get about 1 AM per day :smiley: feels less, maybe because of the rare quests with 2 AMs and the last challenge event with AMs for completing. You have a shortage of sturdy shields? Mine is the trap tools, 10 less then all the other mats…

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Yup, it’s pretty amazing how many AMs we actually get on an average, but when we don’t track it seems so less. I wish you all the luck such that your average grows even more in the future. And yes, I do lack in sturdy shields. Hopefully, RNG will balance it out over time by giving me some back to back shields, and hopefully you get your trap tools. :slight_smile:

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Why can’t I find any compasses? I need 5 and can’t find not a one in any trunks or challenges!


I know it must be frustrating when you need an item but don’t get it. But I would just say have patience and keep doing what you are doing and items will come eventually. Keep doing monster chests, hero chest, hit higher star titans, complete rare quests and challenge events with guaranteed items, and mystic vision. You will get them eventually. :slight_smile:

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The next rare quest after Morlovia has one.

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