Cmon guys! No debate on who to use mats for? NEITH OR WHITE RABBIT?

So they are both coming in the same month…if u are fortunate enough to pull both who is getting the darts?

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I tend to prioritize Titan teams, so I’d go with White Rabbit for the Defense debuff.

He’d be useful for War too, especially Field Aid.

But I already need 4 Darts for my 3-70 Leonidas, who’s been bumped multiple times by Inari, Ranvir, and Joon…so I’d be happy not getting either White Rabbit or Neith from my few Challenge Coins pulls.

(And I’ve got a second Leonidas sitting at 1-1 to boot.)


For me, it’s White Rabbit. There are a lot of heroes who do similar things to Neith. There’s no yellow hero that does what White Rabbit does.

But I’m not banking on pulling white rabbit. Thems are long odds even under the best of circumstances, and I see where the wind is blowing. I’m chasing Evelyn in next months’ Atlantis then hanging up my credit card… or that’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

So if I have the bank on getting either of them, I’d definitely say Neith is a better possibility for me. I know White Rabbit is a long shot at best, but I’ll probably do a few single pulls during Wonderland just to see if my crazy luck still holds out. Between burning a few EHTs on Return to Morlovia in quasi-pursuit of Valeria, a few pulls in Wonderland just to see if I strike lightning a 10th time, and “chasing” Evelyn by burning all my coins and remaining gems, the odds for Neith are as high for me as they’re going to get.

I’d still rainbow feed White Rabbit over her though.


White rabbit is sweet as, one of a kind debuffer


Hang up the credit card…lets be realistic! Lmao


So far it seems like white rabbit is winning. But yeah the odds of getting em are low lol. I need one dart depending if i get it in a halloween offer if not we do have a quest in December for one. The question is if I get neith would I be patient enough to see if I pull a white rabbit or not lol. I only have guin and joon maxed so white rabbit with jackal and joon sounds amazing

I also have a ranvir at 3.70 to add in the equation lol

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If you already have Guin AND Joon maxed then Neith is just further down the totem pole then.

Both Ranvir and White Rabbit would help with Titans, especially if you don’t have Jackal. Ranvir would be higher priority as he’s useful for multiple Titans, unless you’re so lucky (or spent enough) to have Miki and/or Tarlak, in which case Ranvir would possibly take a back seat. Ranvir might be sufficient at 3/70 depending on the level of Titan you’re facing too. If it’s pretty low like 7* or lower, then I think White Rabbit should still take priority.

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I have jackal and I have miki. Both miki and ranvir are at 3.70.

Also titans are 10 11 and 12

BTW this may have been asked before but if a cleanser healer (Rigard/Vivica) heals does White Rabbit’s debuff go away or does it stay?

I would assume it does just like any other defense down

I’ve not been able to cleanse or overwrite Alice’s debuff, so I imagine White Rabbit would be pretty similar.


If that’s true there is no contest between neith and white rabbit, mats to WR


Why did I read this? Now I really, really, really want White Rabbit! Definitely will be trying for him.


The white rabbit approaches…


White rabbit

Doesnt need further explanation than that.


I know right!??
Uh 20 characters lol

No I have 1 on 3-56 and other on 3-61 so neither there yet to worry about. :crazy_face::crazy_face:
WOW talk about putting the cart before the horse. :rofl::kissing::kissing:

HMMMM that sounds like I dont want either either.

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