Leo. Neith. WR

  • Leonidas
  • Neith
  • White Rabbit

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Got Leo today. Had the other two for awhile now but they’ve been buried. So when I get to this decision I’d like some of the forum feedback regarding these three. I’m personally leaning White Rabbit but persuade me otherwise if you do have a convincing case for either of the other 2. Thanks!

White Rabbit is the one of the only (if not the only) holy standard defense debuffers in the game and as such would definitely be worth your while in leveling.

Neith is like a faster but less powerful version of Justice
Leonidas is good, I just don’t believe he is better than Rabbit right now (we have no idea what (if) a costumed Leonidas would look like apart from the 5% costume bonus which would be good).


One more set of darts and I’m happily giving them to Leo but if I had that rascally rabbit, he would be getting them first. I’ll take the fast holy def debuff that renews over the avg chop w/mana cut + heal.

Costume Vivica is another. But since she’s slow, she doesn’t really fill the same role in raid offense as WR can.

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