Neith – New November 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I’m waiting to level up Neith to the max, I’m still at 30.4 but… I must admit that she is not an atomic bomb :confused:
I think that I’m going to keep WuKong +20 in my first raid/war team and Chao+7 in the second one.
She’s pretty and useful but she needs to be in an outstanding team to not show her limits… she fires after 2/3 of the battle and doesn’t deal noticeble damage; on the other hand her specials are really annoying at this point of the battle and her mana bonus +4% could help to recharge a second hit before the end of the match… could. Until now only 2 times I had the pleasure to see the positive points… it’s a poor consolation and she reminds me those 3* who are so useless that I don’t even remember their name because I always skip and give them to feed other heroes…
I hope that somebody will find a way to make her more efficient… it’s non so difficult and it doesn’t mean that she must be OP.


Hey i got 3 Neith on maybe 10-12 pulls :slight_smile:

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@zephyr1 I know you used Neith in beta… My questions are in YOUR opinion is she worth the cost to max her??? 3/70??? If you draw or have drawn her will you let her set or get her going??? I have emblemed Kage Drake Richard Eve Grave Seshat Sartana Alby Peters Viv Jackal Ariel Frida Wilbur and other 4*s. another 4/80 Grave… other 3/70s and up Kunchin Seshat Onatel@4/40 Victor Proteus Merlin Rigard Ranvir Drake Joon Leo King Arthur Richard Rumple Grimm Kiril Kingston Buddy Kadilen Ares Azlar Marjana Grazul Santa… Can she or better yet WILL she even help me???

She will be along the lines of life saver during offense. She is a utility hitter and not a full on AOE DPS hero. Also, another one of those heroes that require a slightly deeper bench to combo.

Not great on defense but can be a solid flank. She will be similar to Zim where she hits all and buys time. Biggest issue is the emblems. She has too many super heroes within the ranger class competing for them.


Thanks for the opinion hawk I have so many good yellows its hard to jump 1 of them or move one.


I agree with @AirHawk, I see her as more Offense oriented than Defense, though she’s workable for Defense.

As a sort of general side note, I think people are somewhat oddly obsessed with Defense teams in general. For Raids it hardly matters at all, and even in Raid Tournaments it can be hard to put together a reliably strong Defense — and I certainly wouldn’t be suggesting maxing extra 5* for most people just for Tournaments, unless they already had solid bench depth for more frequent usage.

War Defense is more meaningful, because it can make a more meaningful impact if opponents tend to need an extra flag each time to take out a team. Over multiple kills of a team in a War that can make a difference. So if a hero has a role for War Defense for you, then that’s more worthwhile.

I mention it, because a lot of the discussion about Neith has been oriented toward her potential value/role (or lack thereof) on Defense. And many heroes aren’t that great when left to the Defense AI to manage.

As for you in particular, you seem to have a large queue of heroes waiting for mats. So adding another one to the pile probably isn’t very worthwhile in general.

Onatel is a solid Offense-oriented Holy option too, so Neith might not see frequent use, depending on your other options and play style.

And unless you have a large number of Tomes and D Blades, your non-Holy options are competing for mats too.

That’s a lot of heroes to work on as it is…I don’t think you really need more 5* heroes for a while, judging from your list.

And as for me, not having many hero options, nor many of the heroes you have, Neith would bump Leonidas yet again — so I’m happy enough not to try for her or get her, since it’d be nice to max Leo finally.

From elsewhere:

I got Tiburtus #7, Renfeld, and Isshtak from my Challenge Coins…so that worked out just fine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guess we’ll see what happens with my few Atlantis Coin pulls if I use them this month…


Thanks as usual my friend


faced her couple times in raids, she was not big thread even at mediocre boards. Probably she is better on offense, but for me she is not worth the darts for the time being. For me she seems like a below average yellow 5 star. I give mine perhaps some spare orbs at some time, but no darts.

I have rana+1 and like her a lot. good DOT and the healing block is very helpful as well. frequent situations where the opponents healer is ready and couple of opponents are pretty down on HP. also DOT is fun to see reviving fighters being put top bed. she was my first yellow 5star maxed, so perhaps I am little biased…


It seems like the more you want her the more she eludes you and the more you hate her the more you get her. I got her yesterday at my last attempt for Alice or The Hater. Captain of Diamonds would have made me happier. I need a pest control. Gobbler is squishy.

I dont have reason anymore to give the darts to Neith, now I have costume for li xiu, atlleast with the bonus from the costume and mana troop she will be fast.

Average heroes needs 25% bonus mana generation to charge with 8 tiles.



@Elpis sorry but I’m not hater, I am just a costumer who want something good for the money who invest on this game, and I don’t think it’s correct to call me or anyone else who doesn’t like her like this.


As an FYI she replaced Leo for me in all capacities so I would say her over Leo if that becomes the choice.

You don’t have to like her of course if you don’t want, and i do understand that many people may find her “neglectible”.

But if you say she is worse then costumed Li Xiu… you are unreasonable.
And for such, a hater.


Wouldn’t going from 10 tiles to 8 be only a 20% reduction? Since 2/10=1/5=20%.

Still would require level 28 mana troops if the mana emblem node isn’t reached, which are not small feats lol. Still, 10 to 9 tiles is big since it’s only 3 3-matches

I’m sorry but I don’t get this comparison :face_with_monocle:

Costumed Li and Neith are not even in same league even tho their specials are similar. Fine Li hits a bit harder with her special, but to me Neith is an offensive hero that most people would use in their offensive stack ie raids and titans.

  • Neith has much better tile dmg than costumed Li ie better scores
  • Neith has better def and hp stat and will survive longer against Titan. I have fought a few 12* Titans and many 4* get killed in one hit, which means you have to sacrifice one spot in your Titan for Wilbur to keep them alive. If Neith can take 2 hits from Titans and allows me to go 4-1 or full mono, that means better scores
  • Neith also blinds enemies. If it’s in a stack then there’ll be Joon, Justice, or Drake who offer same, you can gloss over it but it does exist
  • Elemental mana link applies to other heroes in same stack vs costume Mana bonus just benefits Li herself. Again proving she adds better value in yellow stack
  • Innately resists Mana block. If she’s on defense, it forces opposing team to not rely on Hel or Proteus ie dark stack fan favorites. Or even going against Hel flank, you can take Neith and not worry about mana block. There was a similar shift in meta with introduction of seshat which caused lot of folks to switch out guin tanks for kunchen tanks. Don’t know if same will happen here or not, but it’s not nothing.

If you want to give darts to other heroes I agree there are many better options viz Joon, Viv, Poseidon, Drake, Onatel etc. She’s not a beastly hero, but I’m not seeing how costumed Li and maxed Neith are comparable. That’s like saying because I can emblem Wu, Ranvir is useless. Emblemed Wu still has issues surviving Titan hits beyond 9-10*


No, as 1,2 x 8 doesn’t exceed 10
or 10 ÷ 1,2 isn’t lower/equal to 8

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So, I have read most of the Neith comments. I am a little thin on yellow for offense and need to choose Inari or Neith. I am a firm believer that I can make any hero work if I find the correct synergy with others. Who would get your nod?

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