Final ascend Neith vs Leonidas

I have only 6 darts and both Leonidas and Neith at 3-70 my dilemma is wich will be better to do first i also have Vivica +3 Ranvir+3 Guardian jackal +12 Wu+8

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Personally I’d probly go leonidas and use him as a 1 2 punch with jackal, it’ll help you tactfully kill opponents rather than relying on luck for the kill(ranvir) or luck for survival(neith)

If u want neiths crit boost for titans, you can still get that at 3/70

Idk if you’re working on troops but a lvl 23 mana troop will help get jackal and leo closer to charging in the same amount of matches


I agree with @Rigs. Jackal plus any yellow sniper is a great combo. You won’t regret it.
I use jackal Poseidon and Ranvir a lot.


Its mana not crit :frowning:


Oh oops was thinkin she was start of the crit link

Thanks for the correction

Well that just makes me feel more confident about my thoughts on it then


Leonidas will help you much more then Neith. I have Neith on 4/80+9 and I regret for the mats now, she its nothing special believe me.


That’s pretty much what i keep hearing as well. I have no experience with her since i dont have her and i dont feel facing her in defense tells a whole lot about a hero being worthy of mats

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The Sniper Guys :smile:

Aktually i am leveling and till end of year my Team will be full leveled:

Alberich - Wilbur - Magni - Quintus - Neith

You will see what i do with the sniper teams :wink:


She’s not drake and she’s not justice and she’s not guin

That’s her main issue is she’s a bad combination of all 3

With that being said, i hope she works for you and you enjoy using her

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Just got Neith on my alt the other days. I began to level her, because I still don’t have a yellow 5* there. This was the only reason, because I consider Neith in top 5 worst hotm. Two days after I pulled Neith, the game knew would be a mistake to level her and provided me quickly Leonidas in TC 20…

Guess what…


Grats on the pulls

I have no doubt some players will find use in neith, i just think if they have choices that can help them more then they should make those choices instead of her


Same doubt here, I also have Leo and Neith both 3/70, but I think i’ll use my darts on Leo now after read this topic…

I ascended Neith and still have a Leo at 3.70. People underestimate the blind all. It has saved me numerous times.

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Leo its much better then Neith.

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If you had BK or Khiona in there, you’d turn Quintus and Neith into annihilators…

I think that’s kinda the point, though… She might not be those three, she’s a little bit of both - if you have two of them, she’s of no particular utility; if you have one of the three, she’s of limited utility.

But if you have none of those three then she could be a useful delaying tactic.

If you had Guin, Justice and Neith all at 1.1 and had no desire to tank Guin, then I think you could argue for Neith…
HOTM usually carve their own niches rather than being roster-dependent whether you’d want to level them or not - Neith rightly doesn’t appeal to people with deep benches already, but she’s not completely without merit.

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My poor Leo, he’s been sitting at 3/70 forever. Was about to ascend him, then I got Inari… Was going to ascend him again, then I got Guinevere. Waiting for 4 more rings, and I pulled Delilah. Someone give me unlimited darts please!

I have Neith as well, and she is third in line after Delilah and Leo.


I have Neith too… No Guin and Leo at 1.1.

I don’t think Neith is useless by any means, but I intend to do Delilah and Joon first (I have Joon’s costume, so that pushes him up my list).

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My opinion on Neith has changed since I have been facing her on defenses. She is much more capable than what I thought she would be.

I have her unleveled on my bench with many yellows. She is now a real contender for the next set of darts.


I actually 100% agree with this

And i think “bad combination” was probly a bit harsh

She’s not as good at any 1 thing that the others do but she decently jack of all trades their skills

Her damage is a tad under what i would expect

Will say that in the right defense comps she has been a bigger difference maker in matches than i expected

Zim urs neith is 1 example of a combo i ran into not long ago, charged all 3 by oops and regretted it. Zeline vela and neith are another trio that can hurt as well especially if gm or ursena are tanking


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