SIF - Guardian Owl - Neith (only 1 darts set)

Hi guys, i can collect one more set of poison darts, and need help to take a way.
I got SIF recently,(1.1) and have G.Owl (3.50) and Neith, (1.1)

5* yellow fulls: Leonidas +7 - White rabbit +4

Who win the darts?? pls help, Thx

I have a maxed Neith and I like her, I use her often on offense. I don’t have either of the others, but Sif seems the most exciting one to me, I would be inclined to prioritize them in this order: Sif, then Neith, then Guardian Owl. It might also be good to get more opinions from people who actually have Sif and/or Owl. :slight_smile:

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Sif → Neith

Owl for academy.


I’d choose Sif, so you can bring Leonidas or White Rabbit (whoever has the mana troop) to fast speed with her mana speed buff (you only need the troop at level 1 for this combo to work).

Only ascend G. Owl when you really need a niche hero for Rush Attack


Owl is devastator in rush atack tournament, bur very niche hero.
Thx mate.


Just finished Sif today to 4.80. Used her in War yesterday in a yellow stack and obliterated my opponent - mostly due to her riposte and added protection. I vote Sif.


Sif, she already is a good heroine and also a very good tank (better when paired with Grazul flank).