Cmon guys! No debate on who to use mats for? NEITH OR WHITE RABBIT?

The bunny!!! But this one ain’t cute.

Why is the forum going down the rabbit hole?:grin:


Because it is currently the best bunny there is? :joy:

That’s crazy because those are the same heroes (well, you’d also have to include Delilah) I bumped my Leonidas for!


I have at least 1 of every 5* in the game except owl. No doubt I would give the mats to White Rabbit. Neith would never be a top pick for titans, her spcial would just overlap at least one of the other heroes on any offensive team I would field and WR is faster.

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Odds are so bad for W. Rabbit, but I’m still going to do the summoning dance and :crossed_fingers: that I get him :stuck_out_tongue:


If I just read that right…Holy Sh*+ @Hcmitchellr!!! At least one of every 5 in the game is something I’ve never heard of! It may be more common than I know of (?) but that is an impressive feat no matter what. No judgement or implications at all, may I ask where you’re at as far as $-I mean how much have you spent so far? May not be appropriate to ask but I don’t care, after reading that, I gotta…

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Now I wanna know lol

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They’re F2P, got real lucky …lol. Of course that’s impossible but I’ve seen people posting that they dropped from $250 to 500 on just one chase for one hotm. Imagine chasing every hero and hotm. Visa servers must have been smoking hot approving those gem sales.

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Apologies…every Yellow 5* in the game except Owl. Im missing 18 5*s total.

Im not sure how much I have spent and I don’t want to know. It started as $100-$200 a month so I know im in for over 2 grand. I wouldn’t recommend it and I wouldn’t do it again.

Also forgot to add that I bought discounted iTunes cards whenever I could find them and then only buy discounted gems so I stretched what I spent a lot further.

Now I’m wondering who should get the cleric emblems ariel or white rabbit lol
Seems like a weird cleric

I don’t know what that rabbit do. But I think Neith wouldn’t fit in many teams because she do a lot of things but none of them very good.

Average speed, average endurance, average damage, average blind average mana control… and she is a ranger.

Defence raid: Neith > Rabbit
If you have doubts about Neith, Rabbit is worse.

Attack raiding: Neith ~ Rabbit
First control more, second punch more. Depends on tastes and other yellows

Titans: Neith < Rabbit
Defence debuff here is great.

Events: Neith < Rabbit
He is fast and hit stronger.

Quests: Neith > Rabbit
She can control bosses much more, expecially paired with other mana controllers.


Gee thanks u made my decision harder lol. White rabbit I probably would use on titans or mono yellow raids. Neith yes definitely on quests. I need to see more on her currently to see how she does on defense and raids.

Skins for Vivca > Hotm & Bunny. #Zombies Win Debate


Those are soooooo good. You have good taste!

Well I have neith got her a few days ago…now to wait on the white rabbit

I have Guin, Joon, Jackal and Drake, do I need to max Neith at all? I have her, not sure if I’m gonna pull for Rabbit, but wondering if I can just not worry about either. Also, I hear that Neith as a tank is kind of annoying already, so would it be cool to sub her in Guins spot as a tank?

Only fought her once as a tank I let her hit me intentionally It didnt bother me much. Fought her on the right wing as well. But I used mono so it wasnt a fair assessment

I’ve just used all my luck for the year by pulling the White Rabbit AND Neith in the same 10x pull (well that was the third pull of the streak…).

I had no 5* yellow hero so far, and my only level 4* yellow is Chao (by far my worst color). So now, I have to choose which hero is better for me.

Question : is the WR debuff stackable with the normal defense debuff from heroes like Grimm, Gormek ?

Knowing I lack of yellow heroes, both will be upgraded to at least 3/70, but I have right now only one set of darts.

We have usually 7/8* titans.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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