Please help me decide

Need too three. Only have mats for one now. Top row of each pic.

If you have mats for only one 5* I would probably max Clarissa, she is strong and easy to use but if you don’t have maxed Grazul yet I would consider it to.

If you have 1 mats setup for each color I would max
And probably Ares (or Grazul eventualy)

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Thanks. What about Grimble?

Keep Grimble at 1-1 and use him when farming for a laugh when the special goes off

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My first pick would be Grazul (if you have her mana troop). I have her & I love her. She’s not in my main team, but when I see a need for her, she saves my hide. I have two, actually. One maxed, one at 3/70. She’s a luxury that makes wars much more comfortable. If I had a third, I’d very happily level that one too. :wink:

Clarissa and Ares come in second. That being said, though, I haven’t seen or heard much about Ares in an exceedingly long time and my vision of his value is very hazy.

I have long had a very negative view of anti-minion heroes (Grimble included) because they’re too situational. I don’t fight minions often at all. But with the new skeletal minion war going around and all the new summoning heroes they’re making, he might be worth ascending at some point.

If you want a situational hero, I would choose Raffaele over Grimble. Imagine him in Very Fast tourneys and wars. Frightening, yes? Ooh, that would be fun… :smiling_imp:

I maxed Bai Yeong 'cause he’s my heaviest hitter. He’s nice, but you have better. I don’t recommend him. Still wish I had Joon. It’s not easy for the blind to make a difference with only 2 turns. I usually pop him just for damage because I don’t have time to perfectly line him up to make a special miss. I didn’t expect this, but the 1-turn difference between BY’s duration and Hansel’s is huge.

…I wouldn’t go for Azlar… I just really dislike him for some reason… I have him at 3/70 and I have more faith in my unemblemed Chao…

The rest look good, but I don’t have them and I think Grazul, Clarissa, & Ares are better. Glenda may come in handy for her cleansing, but… Grazul’s good too, and I already have strong faith in that one.

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