Second Rigard vs Cyprian

Hello guys. I hope youre well.
I need a piece of advise here .
I have a costume rigard and It is a true beast.
I have the chance to Max another one . However i have a cyprian sitting at 1/1 .
Should i max my first riposte hero? I dont have Boril for example .

Well i give you my maxed purple roster if you need It

Rigard (w/costume)
Tiburtus (w/costume )

Another option is start to gather my tool traps (5 already ) to max my first purple 5*

Aeron and Grimble are the choices by now but im aiming to get clarissa.

Thanks !

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I wouldn’t max aeron or grimble , I would wait for sartana or better.

I am not personally a fan of cyprian (or boril), they get dispelled too easily.

if I were in your position, I would focus on another color and wait for better purples to come along. It cant hurt to bring aeron and grimble up to 3/70 for war though

otherwise, a 2nd rigard could also be good for war. so many defense teams with heroes that use dots these days, cleanse is very valuable.


Im working on Kiril Blue , yellow Mist and Green Caedmon .
The ones i have dupes to work on are red (boldtusk) and purple (Rigard )

So , im not fond of maxing dupes , however i need them. tjey are necessary at some point for war deepth

only you know what is best for your war roster but for my war roster- where not every hero is used every war- I dont have any dupes. but that’s more so from a fun factor perspective and not necessarily from a strategic perspective.

I do have a ton of maxex 4* healers though- especially green ones!

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I wouldn’t bother with Cyprian.

Grimble has his uses, and if minions become more commonplace with upcoming S3 hero’s or new event hero’s then you may want him maxed in future… It may be worth hedging your bets and pushing him to 3.70.

A second Rigard won’t hurt, it’s useful to have a couple for wars.

Then again, maybe even build a couple of 3’s for events and tourneys while you decide?
If you have a Bjorn or two, for example, he’s pretty cool!

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Hi Bubble i have recently maxed bjorn, gato and Nordi
My three team is ok i think . Im waiting more for some specific duplicates to work on that are useful in events . (Like Namaghe or if im Lucky some event three like shurbear , pixie . Etc)

On the other hand im finishing of maxing some forgotten 4* that are really useful while i decide what to do with some of my 5*

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A vote for Goatie to get rid of those devastating minions.

Cyprian is cool on offense against a team full of hit em all.

2nd cRigs for war depth.

Do em all one after the other.

My 2nd cRigs had to wait for several other dark options and now that I have him, I rarely use him. I don’t use my 2nd Proteus, too.

Healers seem to be most likely worth a dupe.


In all honesty, I would say if you got 4 Rigards, max them all. As having a lot of Rigards is good for War depth if you need and off color and a healer. Cyp has his uses and he has served me well as a defense tank, him and Boril can only take you so far.

So , as i could see , despite the possibility of maxing another hero, but only talking about 2nd Rigard vs cyprian, people here tend to choose 2nd Rigard over cyp.

Thats good to know ! Mats are not so hard to get (3* ones ) but they take some time so its good not to waste them at least at my lvl.
I could eventually max cyp but in the future .
Now my purple priority would be wait a little more . If i see myself drawing in tool traps id max 2nd rig

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Honestly, the longer you leave it the less likely you are to ever do it… And that’s fine.

Cyprian works okay as a gold/plat tank or flank, but when you’re in for the long haul he just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort… A bit like Kashhrek in that regard.

He’s not awful, he’s just nothing special either. And Rigard is very useful.

You would use backup Rigard (wars) more than your only Cyprian (class trials, if desperate).

It’s a no brainer.

I don’t typically eat the my first copy of any 4*+ hero… But Cyprian is one of very few I do.
(Raised him on an alt account that I don’t care much about, enough to know he’s of no use to me)

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This is the advice I would have given. Cyprian (and Boril, for that matter) doesn’t appear on many defense teams at the upper levels.

Rigard with costume is useful in war as a second Purple.

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I think people overlook this and think riposte heroes are defensive. They’re offensive heroes. I remember a war where a riposte hero (plus flanks) took out a couple of AoE heroes. Also useful for those rush attacks where everyone uses AoE heroes, but watch them die when you get the riposte up first.

That being said, you can never go wrong with a second Rigard, as Cyprian is a little more specialized. A cleansing healer is always a good asset.


Totally agree with your advice. I wasn’t a Cyprian fan until I started using him in raids and war hits facing teams full of AOE heros and no dispellers. His riposte is invaluable.

Having said that though, multiple emblemed Rigs are more versatile in war.

I’m a big fan of Cyprian, riposters make raids easy. When you see many DoA or sniper enemies you know you will have a good time.

there are two ways to evaluate a hero, one is in isolation and the other is relative to all the other options.

I would argue the opportunity of maxing a cyprian is greater than the value a cyprian brings to the roster. but each person is a little different in how they go about playing the game.

personally, I think it’s one thing to use a hero like sif or elena paired with BK, and then its something else entirely to use cyprian. but to each their own right?

If I had to duplicate any purple season 1 hero, it would be sartana for the fast, fire power.

For the long haul it healers. I have both Boril and Cyprian maxed al all the do is sit holding a space. But my healers get used EVERY war. 2 c-Regards, 2 Sabrinas ,2 c-BT, 2 Melandors, 1 c-Vivi, 3 Kirils. Many times two at once for survival. I will be looking to make a 3rd Melandor once Kingston is 4-80+ I also have at one of each heavily emblemed. This puts the costumed emblemed hero’s up or better that 5* heros

For me Cyprian is useful for trials where paladins are involved. Rest of the time he sits on a bench. Occasionally I use him in wars. Back in the days I used him more often in offense against AoE heroes (now Elena does this job).

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Words of wisdom right here! The question you might ask is where will he get use? Alliance war is obvious for Riigard (with or without costume) and a lot of other places. At my level he is a sort of a ‘fixture’. Alliance war? Then you might consider the usefulness seriously. Cyprian? Just not that special or useful mostly; he not really designed for assault (as far as i can tell). A second Rigard (attacks) is always going to be welcome. In the example above, Cyprian is useful and then so is the unloved Agwe. (??? Reeeee!!!). For just one specific use, a 3:60 Agwe is a total machine!!!

Maybe the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


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