Give emblems to Caedmon?

Is it a good idea? I understand that roster, etc. really has a lot to do with it too, but I was just wondering if he’s generally worthy. I have him at +9 now and I was considering going further.

If you have Zeline then not really. If you’re short on fast dispellers than sure. He’s a solid 4* and fast dispelling buffs from all enemies always comes in handy.

Of course depends what other druid options do you have.


Wish I had Zeline but I don’t. Wow… I just realized that the only other legitimate target would be Melendor. I have Ranvir at 3/48, but I don’t have the darts and probably wouldn’t use them on him anyway.

Melendor is squishy although that druid minions help him to survive. There are many better healers than Mel. Although he’s useful in class quests as there aren’t many healing druids.
Caed is a better dispeller than Mel thanks to fast mana.
Ranvir is just upgraded Wu Kong. I maxed him because I don’t have Miki or Tarlak and I don’t have any other yellow 5* apart from already maxed Viv.


Here is my Caedmon plus 19

Paired with Evelyn at 80, Lianna at 80, Hansel at 70, they are a very nice green raid squad, all matched mana speed too. Eight green tile matches relatively early and they win. i put them with Rigard for the inevitable gravemaker flanks when raiding a blue tank

Caedmon is a good contributor and hits fairly hard (clearly he is no Lianna), but the dispel is handy. The only five star attribute he really lacks is the HP

TLDR: yep, I reckon he is worth more emblems, and you’re already over the first hump if he is at +9. Don’t expect much from the minion though


My situation was (and is) very similar to what your sounds like. My best Druids were (and are) Caedmon, Melendor, Melia, and Brienne. So I took Caedmon to +18 and now have Melendor at +9 and rising.

I regret this 0% since I cannot see a better Druid candidate joining my roster and getting maxed at any time in the near or medium future.

Meanwhile, Caedmon has been a vital part of my green 3/2 raids against blue tanks. The attack boosts from his emblems have been very noticeable and have turned him into a viable, although very low end, sniper.


This is an older chart, but I still like to use it.


Caedmon’s pretty good with emblems. I moved his emblems to Gadeirus though


I like that one too but I ran into a problem with it. How do you decide who to give emblems too when most of the heroes are in the High Priority section?


I wouldn’t totally forgo the idea of giving Druid Emblems to Caedmon more over to Melendor on the merit that there are better healers out there than Melendor, or mana speed for that matter. Melendor, along with Sabina, are the two classic 4* heroes (Belith being the one in 3*) that can not only heal, but also dispel enemies without having to hit the enemies.

Very important when your enemies are setup with counterattack such as the Perfect Riposte, where Caedmon would have to land a hit, eat some damage in return before the dispel happens. Melendor can safely do this without taking damage first.


I think Caedmon is fine. Mine is at +18 also. He’s a decent sniper, and that doesn’t really change.

I’d ask yourself whether you have any other Druids or realistic prospects of getting another that’s clearly better. If not, you could do worse than Caedmon.


So if Melendor is the recommended druid I’d guess that the path would be defensive. I recently faced a highly emblemed Melendor as tank, of all things, and shrugged and chuckled a bit as I hit the button to attack. I sorely underestimated Melendor. He was pretty tough.

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I personally went attack health with Melendor. But I don’t use him as a tank. I use him as a flank. He is excellent utility where he heals, and provides great tile damage, and debuffs counterattack opponents without needing to hit them. The heal percentage works much better with a larger Health pool.


Imo, Caedmon should be stopped at 17, if you decide for him. The last 3 levels don’t make significant changes. You can find anytime a better use for surplus emblems. For some 3* heroes for example. Doesn’t help at tournaments though, because you’ll face gradually stronger opponents anyway. But it helps at rare challenge event. Since I got all my important 3* heroes at T6, I finish the challenge in the first 1k, easily I may add. Anyhow, Caedmon should receive the emblems, not Melendor.

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I stopped my Caedmon at 19, just to make him a bit tougher. I didn’t think they were prohibitively expensive, and he can take some heavy shots now

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I’ve also gone Caed over Mel, but stopped him at +10 since Ranvir has turned out to be awesome and is now getting beefed up instead.

Caedmon will keep his emblems though, I use him a lot and he’s really quite sturdy - will see if this is still true once newly acquired Lianna is maxed.

Mel only comes out in mono for war, some titans and class trials. Except for the trials I never expect more from him than tile damage and am always pleasantly surprised should he get a heal off. Flimsy!

Think you can go Caedmon and feel good about it all the way.

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Praise your good luck and then…
You could make like SGG and ask RNGesus?

What path did people take on him?
Mine will be getting emblems soon!

I went attack side on all for Caed. Haven’t regretted it.

He is a war and titan hero for me at this point.

But he is pretty beastly. He is one of the better build 4* snipers. There is a thread about him somewhere. His stats are quite balanced.


Reviving this thread instead of creating a new one. Have you guys considered which one to emblem now with costumes released?

I use the normal Melendor (since I also have gadeirus) but with maxed costume, and his tile dmg is now 749 compared to 635 for Caedmon both without emblems. That’s a huge difference in dmg between them both.

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