Choice for Second Druid? Caedmon or Gadeirus?

I have to Cad because he is sweet in my opinion

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I ended up deciding to go with Gadeirus for variety.

Since I procrastinated so long, I was able to take him to +4 immediately, and Trials of Fortitude let me take him to +5.

He usually sees every War anyway, but we’re facing blue tanks yet again, so he’ll be particularly useful this time.


I almost fell over when I read this. You are the only other I’ve encountered in the game who feels this way, which is the same way I feel about emblems. Wow! It’s like discovering alien life - NOT ALONE!!

My Gadeirus is at +18. I’ll be taking him to 20 as I like the last two nodes for him. So my advice would be to choose him, especially if you already take advantage of the family bonus.

I have both Cad and Mel. I’ll be doing Cad next. I greatly value his skills and appreciate that emblems will help him live a bit longer in battles.


I already did. :slight_smile:

(See post above yours)

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Just getting there now. Good choice! Hope it works to your great satisfaction. Take him to +20! : )

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Thanks! I’ve been stopping at +18, but I’ll consider it when I get there…long way to go from +5. :confounded:

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This really depends on where you’re playing at and what you’re focusing on. For example, when I was in 7dd, top 5 alliance wars were what we cared about. with a roster near 30x80, turning a few more 4 stars into 5 stars (which is what giving emblems to 4s and getting them to lvl 18-20 does) isn’t really moving the needle, whereas having 10 of your 80s at level 7 or 8 emblems makes a much larger difference, particularly in AW Defense.

If AW is your focus, giving your emblems to your highest star heroes on your defense team that you also use on offense is probably the best bang for emblem buck. But if you have other priorities (titans) or are playing further down (where turning more 4s into 5s rather than 5s into 5.5s), that can change. It might entirely make sense if you need to improve on titans to emblem up Wu, jackal, falcon, etc if you don’t have 5s like Tarlak or Ravnir.

EDIT - on my alt, I gave my druid emblems to Cademon rather than a Kadilen.


I agree with @zephyr1 also. My first Atlantis I got Evelyn and 7 months later she is still sitting at 3:70. Can I ascend her? Yes I can but I spent my time maxing 4*‘s. Outside of Colen & seasonal heros ( I have Jack O’ Hare, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, Cheshire Cat, just got Hansel) I have all the other 4*'s (37 different, 17 maxed) or most at 3:60. Skittleskull, Gobbler, Gafer, Jabber, Ameonna are at 1:1.


He is not alone, me too.


Actually, quite a number of us prioritize our 4* over 5* for emblems. Unless you’re at the point where 5* dominate your war roster, 4* are by far the best bang for the buck.


Yeah im only embleming 4*. They’re basically free 5* heroes with alot more synergy and increases the depth of my bench. 5* just eats too many emblems at this point


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