Druid Emblems: Gadeirus's Talent Grid question


I don’t have any 5* Druids I’m interested in taking to 4/80. (Kadilen isn’t that bad … but she’s 3rd in line for my tonics, behind Evelyn and Lianna)

I liked Melendor and Caedmon back when I didn’t have 5* heroes, but that was a long time ago, and I just don’t use them except as war extras anymore.

I use Gadeirus as an attack buffer for blue titans. He’ll also be war filler possibly some That’s a niche use I wouldn’t give emblems to … but … other choices seem worse.

So how would you go through his grid? My first thought is choose Attack over Defense, over Health when I get the branches.

Marjana - talent build
Question about Gadeirus

Looks like 20 characters of this…


I’m delighted to see someone else come to the same conclusion as me in regards to the best use of druid emblems! I too was left with the decision of either Gadeirus or Caedmon for my druid emblems since I have no 5* druids leveled up, nor will I for quite a long time. There was a time when Caedmon was a staple on my green teams, but alas he has been replaced by much better heroes such as Tarlak, Lianna, Evelyn, etc. I really only use him on wars these days, that’s it. On the other hand I use Gaderius on every single blue titan I fight, and I use him every war as well. Because of this it ended up being a no brainer to give him my druid emblems.
Anyhow, in regards to what you are asking, what should be the focus when deciding the stats for this fellow? Good question my friend, I too am unsure what the optimal route is, but I’ll offer up my 2 cents in regards to what I think makes the most sense based on the role Gaderius plays . I currently have him at 3 points spent on the emblem talent tree, I chose the route of attack and defense for the first route, I tend to value defense much more than health, unless the hero in question specifically benefits from having tons of HP. The next tier is going to either be defense followed by attack, or health followed by defense. I’m actually quite unsure my self as to which route I should take on this, but I THINK I’m leaning toward the more defensive route (HP and defense) rather than attack. The only reason for this is because of his role, I look at him as being a support hero for my greens, he buffs them with attack and HP regen, so my main goal is to keep him alive long enough to fire off his special. However, my primary use for him is by far Titans, and of course the main goal when fighting Titans is to have as much tile damage as possible, SO with that being said it might actually make the most sense to stack as much damage as possible on Gaderius. I’d love to know what you and others may think on this :slight_smile:


Yes, in a buffing role, staying alive is the priority. But for (blue) titans, staying alive is something I currently manage with Tarlak & Evelyn’s HOT, and Wilbur to protect everybody, thus leaving me thinking I’ll choose attack first.


As I was writing up the tail end of my analysis I think I was coming to the exact same conclusion as you. It looks like we use nearly the exact same Titan crew for blues anyways. At the moment my blue titan line up looks like this - Tarlak, Lianna, Gaderius, Evelyn, and then WIlbur. As you said, survivability really isn’t a problem with a team set up like that. Also, Gaderius seems to have pretty ■■■■ good survivability as it is as far as 4*s go. I think I’m really leaning on attack upgrades now, unless some damning numbers and statistics from someone else can convince me otherwise :wink:


i would disagree with the paths you take on this you can skip the crit bonus and come out with 714 attack and 803 defense. while the attack doesn’t seem much, the increase in defense will make it higher then at least 10 different hero’s attack value . druid class is the one class you can max attack and defense simultaneously by sacrificing the crit which is only mere 2% increase in a chance to double damage.

I am not really sure how you are applying the percentage increase but I believe it should be applied to the whole after all added bonuses are added.

To the OP you may want to wait for spring. master lepus is an excellent druid if you can live with the fact he lowers his own defense when he fires his extremely strong special attack. Alby is possibly the most useful druid, ZIm is a great striker in this class, but alas all 5 stars. in terms of 4 stars gaderius is probably the best choice, then reset and apply to the 5 * of your choice when it is ready for emblems.

My personal choice based on my understanding of how tile damage is determined is to chose defense then attack for every path of every class


The choice on crit vs. Defence % at the end was kinda arbitrary, thinking that crit chances make a bigger difference with titans where they get hit by a LOT of tiles than uses.

Thinking about it, I’d probably stop giving Gad emblems at 18, and move on somebody else; I don’t see anything all that compelling about defense, crit, or mana for him.

(Or if I’m lucky enough to somehow get Master Lepus or Zimkitha, reset him in their favor once I get them maxed)

FYI, I don’t know how I’m doing the math to add things up myself :rofl: I just used this spreadsheet and picked a path. Hopefully if the math is wrong, Kamikaze Assassin will fix it someday.


From a math perspective, I went ahead and ran a few options using Kerridoc’s “Sonya Index” for defense:

  1. BWH baseline: 711/780/1164
  2. Health Gadeirus: 648/746/1380
  3. Def/Att Gadeirus (but choosing Def % over Crit): 711/800/1164

The Sonya Indexes are:

Sonya Index With Minion
Gadeirus BWH 3.07 3.53
Gadeirus Health 3.43 3.94
Gadeirus Def/Att 3.18 3.65

For comparison, 5+0 Guin is a Sonya Index of 3.56. So +Health Gadeirus is about as sturdy as Guin.

From a damage perspective, there’s about a 13% damage gain from the +Health Gadeirus to the +Def/+Att Gadeirus, and another 4% gain on top of that with the +crit version.

So…my personal choice for titan fighting would be +health Gadeirus. The extra 8% survivability seems worth more than the extra 17% damage for a primary buffer/healer.


Hi guys. Who is best for druid so far?


What tool is that awesome spreadsheet and where can I find it?


It was in a reply earlier, but here it is again:


It sounds like you are color stacking. Heroes that are used more for stacking than solo should prioritize attack because color stacking magnifiers the effects more than defense stat ( both are non linear) versus a colorless attack like titans.

Marjana - talent build

Well that spreadsheet is an awesome tool, but I believe there is an issue with the formulae in it.

Glad has base stats of 618/690/1096
following the max attack/def path
you can upgrade both 5 times
and add a 3% bonus to each
so 5 attacks = 5x15=75
5 def = 5x18=90
so 618+75=693
Now add the 3% 1.03x693=713.79 or round to 713 or 714 depending on how the developers choose.
But the spreadsheet gives 711
Same for defense
(690+90)x1.03 = 803.4 but the spreadsheet says 800

SO i believe there is a small math issue in the spreadsheet

As I said before druid is the only class that can max attack and def at the same time. Other classes you must choose which of the two to max and if you want to improve the other or health

Now this sonya index looks interesting. I found 1 post about it with some numbers is there a link someone can provide to see the numbers for every hero or to run heroes with adjusted values for talents through?


Best overall? I would guess Alberich.



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the % based multipliers only apply to the original base stats, not to the stat increases along the way. I have verified this to be correct numerous times in Beta.


The Sonya index is very helpful for understanding durability IMO. The post that exists with a list for the Sonya index has out-of-date numbers, though. Someone would need to regenerate it with the current damage calc. I do calcs on individual heroes to try to understand specific cases, but I’ve been too lazy to run the whole hero pantheon myself.


Thanks for the nudge. I’d gotten a little behind on updating my hero spreadsheet.

I have posted a complete listing of “Sonya rank” back in the original thread:


@kerridoc thanks for the link. I think this is a very interesting idea.


Thanks. It turns out not to be so very different from the simple rule-of-thumb formula: 2 * D + HP. Only heroes with unusually high or low Defense see much of a delta. For example, Gobbler is 31st on the 2D+HP scale but 38th on the Sonya scale (among 4*). To stay on topic, Gadeirus is 12th (among 4*) under either scale.