Can I get advice on a Defense Team?

Follow up question here, since this post i have pulled Costume Vanda, Captain Nemo and Russell. I’m guessing Vanda should be my next ascension but wanted to see if that’s right.

Which brings me to my next question about limit break, should I limit break Zim Kitty cause I use her most often with my team as a cleanser or a different red?

Any help is always appreciated!

Yes, most def; that’s the way I’d go :+1:

If she’s your most used/relied on red 5*, then no doubt about it - LB Zimkitha. Especially if she’s on your defense team (she’s a great defensive hero). Cleanse? Attack buff? AoE attack? Healing elemental link? Gotta love the kitty :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi RandaPandah,

Any idea on who I should max between Hanitra and Aouda?

Thank you!

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Hello again :blush:

Well, that’s tough, and again, would depend on where you feel your roster lacks most:


Hanitra is a great hero vs the likes of Alfrike, so if you’re seeing a lot of her in raids/war/tournies, and struggling to counter her, Hanitra is a no-brainer (despite you already having Inari and C. Kad maxed, as she’s best for the job). Also, I don’t see any heroes that add Max HP on your roster. Since hers is 100% RNG dependent, I wouldn’t max solely based on that (too random), but it would definitely be a draw factor to consider (despite only being reliable in raid/war settings, as PvE would require SS to proc).


Otherwise, I’d go Aouda personally. Although the meta is moving away from fast snipers, they’ll always have some sort of place due to their speed. & If you have an extra Guardian Jackal, and/or a Mist, to pair her with, she’ll be even more devastating (esp against max HP heroes). But that’s not even the reason I’d suggest her over Hanitra: it’s that attack stat. Makes her a great bring against all purple titans + in any holy stacks. Plus, her SS is guaranteed to offer something in all facets [in the game], whereas Hanitra - as already stated - is gonna rely 100% on chance and circumstance.

Idk if this was helpful though, so do lemme know if you have any questions :heart: (oh and lemme know what you decide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Hey guys! I have a question about my defense team, right now i’m running the double formation (3 in the back, 2 in the front) with el naddaha, costume black knight, goseck, arco and costume rumpel, from the left to the right. Should i change something for more effort, maybe change the formation or the hero positioning? Or is it good as it is and i can leave it like that? Thanx for any advice

Sounds like an okay defence. How is it performing? What’s your win/loss ratio? what cup range are in? What other heroes would be in contention? Standard defence or war defence?

Much more info needed to even begin trying to assist. Helpful bunch here if you can provide more info.

Game Well :sunglasses:

It’s for my standard def, and so far it’s performing pretty well. When i take a look at the last attack list i would say the win/loss ratio is about 70/30 and it’s keeping me between 2750 and 2850 cups. But i don’t want to change any of these heroes, that’s why i’m asking if i could place them in a different formation or a different order to get more effort out of exactly these heroes or if the formation and the order the way it is now is the best set up. I hope thats helpful, thank you in advance

With a 70% win rate I would say that your defence doesn’t sound broken to me so there’s not really anything to fix in my opinion. As a result I would say keep it as is, but maybe others have a different take on that.

Game Well :sunglasses:

Well meanwhile it’s more like 50/50, got a lot of attacks now. I think i’ll switch arco and rumpel, arco to the back and rumpel to the front and give it a try. Maybe i should put xnol back into my def and take BK out. All i can do is try

Hi RandaPanduh!
Long time no talk lol, but i’m looking for some advice again!

I have enough resources now for a few upgrades and curious your thoughts. i’ve traded some 5* in the soul exchange so not a ton left but curious which route you’d go with these heroes.

Yellow: Hanitra, Kara or Guinevere
Green: The Hatter or Grace
Red: I have Marjana and just got 12 rings, should i upgrade her or is she worth it?
Purple: Obakan (I have enought tobards but dont know if he’s worth it)

5* Maxed
Yellow: C.Joon (LB), Aouda (LB), Uraeus, Vivica, Inari, Sir Roostley, Leonidas, Onatel, Devana
Green: Telluria (LB), conglach (LB), C.Lianna, Tarlak, Zocc, C.Kadilen, Kingston, Evelyn
Red: Zimkitha (LB), C.Vanda, Zenobia, Gefjon (LB), Captain Nemo, Tyr, C.Elena, Jean-Francois. I also have enough to LB someone but not sure who to LB.
Purple: Seshat (LB), Ursena, Viscaro, Bastet, Domitia, Sartana, Malicna, Kunchen, Clarissa. I also have enough to LB someone but not sure who to LB.
Blue: Krampus (LB), Vela, Ariel (LB), Cobalt, Frosth, Thorne, Aino, Isarnia, Magni, Misandra. I also have enough to LB someone but not sure who to LB.

Also if you could confirm my defense is still the best defense for me: Sesaht, Zimkitha, Krampus, Telluria, C.Joon in standard formation.

And any tips on who I should bring into Titans again would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks once again for all your help!!

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Lovely to hear from you again :relaxed: Boy oh boy has it been a minute since I’ve helped someone with their roster, so I’m pretty pumped tbh! :grin:

Leveling ~


Kara without a doubt. I know you have Krampus, but taunt is incredibly versatile, it’s hard to pass up in other elements too. Can never have too much support. Not to mention, she also offers an attack buff that could be useful vs purple titans; holy really lacks damage buffers, so Kara is pretty unique in that way.

Guinevere is dated for the tank role (although, she’d be better for that placement than Kara - as taunters do better at flank). She still is useful for certain Tournies, and for her mana cut, but her HoT only applied to neighbors limits her supportive qualities offensively. Of these three, she’d be the last I’d suggest maxing.

Hanitra I already talked about prior. However, since you already had both C. Kadilen and Inari, seemed a bit excessive to max her too (vs depth in another area). However, once you’re at the point where you’re covered sufficiently elsewhere, and lacking for differing options, I still think Hanitra is a great max. All her passives allow her to be just a tish faster than most other dodgers. & Again, vs Alfrike, there’s no one better. So she’d be my second choice.


Since I see Evelyn maxed - but no proper hit-3 to pair with her - my head is leaning Grace. One of the most perfect follow-ups to Evelyn (as they match speed, color and targets). Also, with her lowering SS defense, anyone that follows her up will see benefit too [if you have any other heroes you like pairing with Evelyn]. Otherwise, nice to have a counter to taunt too.

The Hatter is enticing, but not necessarily for what you need - as you have dispel covered with Evelyn (so they don’t pair well together) - but more for fun. Essentially set in a team without Eve in it. Stealing buffs is so much fun, especially for tournaments like buff booster.

So it more depends on what you need here: more complete firepower in nature - with the ability to kill three enemies in one go vs one (Grace) - or if you feel covered in that area, fun (Hatter). These two are both great heroes in their own right, so I don’t think there’s a wrong choice here. Follow your gut.


Do you have a costume for Marjana? If so, definitely max. If not, I mean, she’s not really worth it without that stat boost, or additional skill, tbh. Especially not as you have Gefjon to snipe for you in fire. Less you feel the need to have more firepower here, or plan to obtain the costume somehow, I fear she may just ride the bench - as you have better options.

However, having enough to max two, if you really need another hero for things like war, towers, upcoming elemental quests, etc. - least it wouldn’t hurt. Ensures if you do pull a new fire right after, you can max them too. But I’d only max her if you need it, esp if you have excess rogue emblems (she needs all she can get). Otherwise, doesn’t hurt to wait.

Then again, what it really comes down to is: it depends on how often you summon/spend now tho too. If it’s unlikely to pull anyone in the next few months, may as well :person_shrugging:


If you don’t have either costume for Obakan, this one I’d for sure wait on. Marjana at least can do some damage, but Obakan without the additional skills and stat bonuses - in his main form - is pretty lackluster tbh. Counterattack on only self has never been very effective. Plus it’s not strong either. He also doesn’t hit hard, and only hits three.

I could see a use case for Marjana, as she - if properly emblemed up and paired with some attack up /defense down - could murder. Obakan? Fat chance, unfortunately. Even if he has his perfect pair in Panther, idk if that would be enough. He’s one of my least favorites of the original S1 personally

However, if you have the costume (either one) then yes, he’d be worth maxing. The first costume is great for the AoE - making him a defensive star - and the second for the mana it can bring - an offensive support hero.

Purple has some of the best heroes in the game that you could roll one day, and almost all are better than base Obakan, that if you can wait, I would.

Who to LB

Red LB

C. Vanda and Zenobia stand out to me the most. C. Vanda and her immunity make her so valuable, as that skill is versatile, and still quite rare. Also her speed and AoE hit make her a great defensive hero. Plus, she’ll get a buff soon once Morlovia hits, adding a passive that’ll allow her to steal buffs.

Zenobia is irreplaceable for her tile buff. Makes her essential vs all green titans, and if you compete in challenge events, legendary too. Also, if you stack offensively, to enhance your fire tiles as if you’re using mono in a 3-stack.

But when it comes to LB, I’d always suggest going with whoever you use most. Or whoever you love, but is a bit behind the times, and needs a little stat boost to keep up. So although those two names jumped out at me, they may actually not be your preferred fires in your roster. So go with you gut on this one too (and all of em tbh)

Purple LB

Bastet, whoa, another dodger eh? Lol so probably best keep Hanitra away for now, wow :rofl: they all love you. Anyway, she’s a freaking all star atm. Great defensive hero - can flank, even tank if you want. Her recent stats give her an edge already, but that only means she could be made monstrous. With all those passives too, she’d probably become your strongest hero if LB. So hard not to see her as your top choice here.

However, just as I said with red, if there’s someone you love using - but it’s just that their stats are a lil dated - they may need those LB more. If no one jumps out like that tho, Bastet could go from amazing, to godly lol

(Viscaro is also a great purple defensive hero that’s completely underrated imo)

Blue LB

Well, first glance I wanted to say Aino, but since your two LB are both supportive heroes, I think you’d do better focusing on some damage hero instead. Cobalt I assume is your prized offensive hero, in ice? He’s still great for his bypass and three options hit. And his attack stat can surpass 1k once LB. So if you want a lil more bite, I’m leaning him.


Assuming ya wanna set a rainbow defense:


One of your two LB snipers would be best in this element - thrown in the right wing

(Or Kara at flank/tank if you go her)

Devana at left flank, Onatel at flank/tank and Roostley at tank - all have a place defensively, but stat wise, may not hold cups as well without LB


Bastet is a great flank/tank. Viscaro can tank well. Or throw Seshat in the left wing


Zimkitha is always gonna be good on the left (wing or flank). If not her, C. Vanda can flank/wing on either side. Gefjon can be thrown in the wings too, but I think you have plenty to choose from there already


C. Kadilen may still be your best defensive hero in this color. Just like with Bastet, a great flank, but if need be, can also tank. However, her Dodge and Bastet’s do not stack, so I’d use one or another (less you wanna just annoy the :poop: outta them with dodge I spose lol). Telluria still can suffice at tank, but poor girl, the nerfs and the recent release of many offensive fire heroes doesnt help the poor girl. Congalach though? He’s fierce. Slow, but deadly (like Alfrike). Would be a risk tanking due to speed, but could work.


Well Krampus is still great defensively - best at left flank - but can also tank. I’m not really a fan of healers defensively, but if you want support like that instead, Ariel or Aino at left flank would do too (and with Aino, you could stack blues to entice a nature stack - suffering her secondary effects). Unfortunately, ninjas are very hit or miss defensively, and now that people are more familiar, a little easier to counter, so although you could thrown Cobalt on right wing, it may not be as impactful as you’d hope. Vela after her recent buff can now flank /wing well too. And even Misandra can be a fun hero to throw in the left wing for that mana.

So now that I’ve listed your best defensive heroes in each element, and their favored positions, I’ll try and brainstorm a few ideas (but may take a little tinkering back and forth on your part too)

Spit-balling suggestions ~

Zimkitha-Krampus-Viscaro-C. Kadilen-Aouda

C. Vanda-Aino-Congalach-Bastet-C. Joon

C. Vanda-Krampus-Viscaro-Aino-Bastet/C. Kadilen

Unfortunately all these tanks are slow (and when that happens, you want your slow heroes up front, whatever formation you use), so if ya wanna speed it up, probably means throwing Krampus or Telluria at tank. Could even try C. Kadilen/Bastet there

Zimkitha-C. Kadilen-Krampus-C. Vanda-Bastet

I like AoE damage for defense, as the AI can’t mess it up. Stacking dodge isn’t ideal, neither is taunt at tank, but this one has speed and could be quite annoying.

Overall there’s probably a thousand different setups I could offer lol esp considering formations, which is even harder to account for *(personally, I like the original V or upside down, now that hit-3/buff-3 aren’t special anymore, but if you have several slow /devastating heroes, then M or W could have their value). I’ll try and stop myself tho and move to titans ~


If you have Franz, he should be coming with you vs all titans. Another must is gonna be a normal attack buffer, that since you don’t have Miki/Oceanus, would either mean C. Wilbur, Tarlak, Wu or Bertulf.

Purple Team (vs Yellow Titans)

Franz (increased damage), Sergei/Tarlak/C. Wilbur (titan buff), Cheshire Cat / Treevil / Kunchen / Malicna (DD), Ursena (reflect damage - nice for survivability) + whatever space you have filled with your highest attack stats in this color

Since there’s no attack buff here, bring bear/dragon/titan banners

If you have Sergei, hell cover as both titan buff and elemental DD (but he needs mana pots with two charges). If not, you’ll lack the latter.

Yellow Team (vs Purple Titans)

Franz (increased damage), Bertulf/Wu Kong (titan buff), Melia (crit), Kara (attack buff), Guardian Jackal (EDD) + whatever space you have, filled with your highest attack stats in this color

Since there’s no DD here, bring the HL item that does that, or throw in Isarnia (but then you’ll lose necessary tile damage, as I wouldn’t stray past 4-1 or mono)

Red Team (vs Green Titans)

Franz (increased damage), C. Wilbur /Tarlak /Wu / Bertulf (titan buff), Zimkitha / Shadereave / Boldtusk (attack/crit buff), Guardian Falcon (EDD), Wilbur / Gormek (DD) , Zenobia (tile buff) + whatever space you have, filled with your highest attack stats in this color

Blue Team (vs Red Titans)

Franz (increased damage), C. Wilbur / Tarlak / Wu / Bertulf (titan buff), Krampus (attack buff), Nordri (EDD), Isarnia (DD), Vela (attack down - added survivability), + whatever space you have, filled with your highest attack stats in this color

Green Team (vs Blue Titans)

Franz (increased damage), Tarlak (titan buff), C. Gadeirus / Brienne (attack up), Evelyn (EDD), C. Brienne / Marcel / Dolgoon (DD), Congalach / Kingston (attack down - added survivability if ya need) + whatever space you have, filled with your highest attack stats in this color

Added survivability is prob only necessary vs high end titans, so if you don’t struggle surviving the full 1:30, then you can forgo this extra slot. Or use bombs/attacks/arrows, or turtle banners, to help ya too.

The ideal team for titans:

Mono is best, 4-1 is fine, 3-2 is pushing it

  1. Normal Attack Buff (Miki, Tarlak, etc)
  2. Increased Damage (Franz, Motega)
  3. Elemental Defense Down (Panther, Jackal, etc)
  4. Tile Attack Buff (Zenobia, Ratatoskr, etc)
  5. Defense Down (Isarnia, Athena, etc)
  6. Attack/Crit Buff (Shadereave, Phenexa, etc)
  7. High Attack Stats


Holy crap, that was longer than I thought it’d be :sweat_smile: But hope I answered all your questions. Lemme know though! Sorry for the read lol :rofl:


Awesome thank you once again for all the information! i’m going to try some of those defenses. So for titans i’m a little confused just cause you list like 5-7 heroes per color. I should always Bring Franz and C.Wilbur/Tarlak into each titan? then the remaining 3 should be some of the ones you listed correct?

You’ve helped me out with this so many times so i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry for confusing you. I wasn’t 100% on which 3* / 4* you actually had - and maxed - so I felt obligated to list all that may be applicable. However, in order of importance, I’d use this to help you decide team comp for each:

(The top being the most vital, and the bottom, only if you have space for - especially as items can fill the void for these last few)

You only need one of each skill, with high attack stats being filler

Add in a hero that increases survivability - but only if necessary - or else remove completely from the equation.

Can only build using five slots, so sometimes means forgoing high tile damage for better effects. Closer to mono, the better.

I’ll tell you my 4* cause i don’t think i utilize them as much as i should! I always one healer, then 3 snipers and Taralk or Wu Kong cause I didn’t know 4* were viable for a titan when i have 5s. Any help with which 4s are great for anything like tournaments and titans and teams I’d appreciate it! I know this is a lot to ask for!

Red: C. Boldtusk (LB), Lemminkanen, Maheegan, Junaid (LB), Zhou Yu, Ferant, Cillian, Rokkamush, Eichbelborg, Carol, Shadereave, C. Wilbur, Sumitomo, C. Kelile, C Gormek, C. Scarlett

Blue: Azima (LB), Grimm (LB), C. Boril (LB), C. Kiril, Zila Lei, Sapphire, Jott, Mireweave, Triton, Agwe, Sonya

Purple, C. Rigard (LB), Ahhotep (LB), C. Tiburtus (LB), Ingolf, Proteus, Fura, C. Cyprian, Gara, Merlin, C. Sabina

Yellow: Gullinbursti (LB), Scoratek (LB), Wu Kong, Wang Yuanji, C. Li Xiu (LB), C. Chao, Griffin, C. Hu Tao, Lady Woolerton, Mist, Guardian Jackal, Steropes

Green: Franz (LB), Kalo (LB), Tettukh (LB), Ptolemy, Wren, Anton, Orla, Almur, Brynhild, Jack O’ Hare, C. Gadeirus, Hansel, C Cademon, C Little John, C. Melendor