Boldstuk vs Grazul vs Jean Francois

Hello guys. I’m only 10 levels to max Vela. Next step id like to take is to max a red 5* to help her on defense.
Vela is my main blue in raid and war defense. My alliance uses Red tanks so im tanking with a maxed +12 boldtusk full costume bonus. He has ton of defense , an extraordinary ability but hes a 4* and i started to work on my first rainbow of 5*

Regarding my other reds option they are either JF or Grazul

What i like of JF is that he can performs as a tank and still he does a very well job… but better that Boldtusk? JF doesnt heal, doesnt boost the attack so i should pair him with c.Rigard to emulate BT effect of boosting attack and heals.

Grazul on the other hand is not made for tanking, hes more offensive made so i dont know if shes the choosen one to take place in my AW defense or raid team.

However, either Grazul or BT i want to pair them with c.Rigard.

The final team would be something like that

C.Rigard / (a green, im hoping for Telluria) / BT/Graz/JF/ Vela / Joon

In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, you get more flexibility with Grazul. But she is a bit pants in the Tank role.
If you are looking for Tank go with Jean Francois. He is also great when facing Kunchen.
Good luck

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The nice thing about a Vela/JF combo is if the other player stacks blue, they’re in trouble if JF fires off his ice defense buff. If they go red to be neutral, they put themselves at risk should Vela fire. If you add Telluria to the mix the synergy only gets better.

Paired with a costume Rigard, BT loses a bit of his usefulness, so I think in this scenario JF edges out BT.

The question of JF vs Grazul comes down to playstyle. JF is going to be a better tank, but if you think you’d use grazul more outside of your defense, she could be serviceable.

Is there a big difference in the amount of emblems you would be able to give Grazul vs JF?

If you don’t pull Telluria who would take that spot?

Thanks for asking Aer ! I have around 200 emblems to give to JF. While 0 to give to grazul because i gave them to rigard.

If i cannot pull her It would be a hard choice because i dont have a good Green . Mel, little John and Kashhrek. (Only Mel hard emblemed but im considering taking the emblems of him to put on vela)

I will try to pull Mel costume i think

No problem :slight_smile:

I think that pushes the scale a bit more towards JF.

I’d be hesitant to have 3 healers together, though if you don’t get Telluria it might be better to go with LJ so you have another hitter, or consider not going rainbow.

If having a Telluria would influence your decision, I’d wait to see if you pull her before giving out your rings.

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