Vela and Jean-françois in the same defense team?

So I was just curious what people thought about having Vela and Jean-françois on the same defense team? I already tested to see if both burn damage and water damage stack, and they do! Just curious if anyone has tried this and could share their findings? Also opinions on the topic are qelcome as well! Thank you!

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Who do you plan to use as your tank?

Yunan wil be the best Tank, as those trio will create 3x DoT! :dizzy_face:
Or Telluria (March HOTM) is also another good choice.


When I played in Beta, I thought both were quite strong together on defense.

Theoretically the best tank is Yunan, or the upcoming Telluria in March and Heimdall in S3. You can probably even do well with Elkanen or Horghall tanking though. I’m going with a nature tank here since Vela punishes a red stack heavily.

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F… that be insane @PapaHeavy


Mr. Fireball & the 14 stockings :wink:



Definitely something green, maybe Heimdall from S3 too with his MAX HP raise and stat distribution (though most players prefer hide revivers in corner). Reason is that Vela utterly cripples Fire while JF protects against Ice. Kadilen may also shine at that spot, especially if her costume would be good. Three fast all-hitting heroes may make things interesting, though healers, especially those who also cleanse may counter that easily.

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Yeah there were players who tried him on wing for defenses in beta – in my experience, he wasn’t reliable enough though. 20% chance to revive is low, sometimes I would ignore Heimdall and let him use his skill on purpose, only to revive nobody.

He is a great tank though. The Boosted HP is more threatening when triggered early – if you take out Heimdall, you still afterwards have to deal with his team at 1700+ HP per hero. Makes OHKO with my snipers far less reliable and a lot more difficult to spread damage and take out multiple threats.


In that case he seems ideal candidate with these two. Imagine fighting a tank that can heal over his maximum HP while your main tank breakers will be probably crippled fast and on top they receive damaging DoT. If you sneak another healer in corner (Kunchen maybe, but he is slow; Grazul seems to be best just because of her speed - maybe even as flank instead of JF and JF in the corner) it may be a veritable headache.

Because Kadilen and Vela are both Druids I’m going to say that I conceptually agree with you but that the much-maligned Elkanen may actually be a better example. Especially if his costume gives him a meaningful boost.


Vela is excellent, her direct damage is about 350-550, and with her DoT she cause a lot of trouble.

JF is truely meh, I simply ignore him.

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I do not get it. Why are you embleming JF and using in def then?

I don’t have JF and have no plan to pull him.

It’s not my team. That’s a team I face in raid, just try several times to see how this combo work.


I wish my vela did that much direct damage haha. Maybe with frida and vs reds, but I think you’ve over stated her damage there. It’s generally in the ballpark of 200ish.

I am testing a def team with both. Not that it matters for raid - is always the same - whatever i put i stay around 2600 cups. Care only about war defense - JF won’t be going soon in war defense due to lack of emblems

@AS2019, Kingston as tank interesting, this will bring attacker red., and Vela ready to punish them.
Other alternative, JF as flank, and put Ursena on bench.

King is quite irritating in this set up with the attack down early to 2 or 3 enemies, high revive chance and crit troops on top of 800/800/1400.
Urs is never on the bench :slight_smile: and JF is still 4/52, but even if 4/80 in high diamond is too squishy without emblems and ideally he fires after Urs and Vela to finish off everyone.

No kidding, I was thinking her damage on defense would be around 250. Worth to note that there are Red and some weak hero with 700 def in my team.

Sorry but too lazy to record the video.

Of course who didn’t pull Vela??? This guy @Dudeious.Maximus!!! Only her and Seshat have I missed on this roll of mine…of course :roll_eyes:

Ah thought you did my bad! :woman_shrugging:

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