Fire help - JF, Grazul or wait

Here we go again. JF could improve my team against green titans, Grazul would be great against Kunchen tanks etc. My titan team is currently BT, Wilbur, G Falcon, Zimkitha and Miki, so I lack on red tile damage (gave Scarlett’s emblems to Alice and without emblems she’s rather useless). Other maxed red 5*s are Marjana, Anzogh and as I said Zim. None of them will make it to my def team. JF for titans or Grazul for offensive raids, or simply wait?

Does you alliance have hard time against green titans? Jean-François take Zimkitha’s spot.
Do you have hard time facing status aliments? Ascend Grazul.


Grazul is a useful counter to Kunch and Telluria - if you raid in high diamond, she could become seriously useful.

JF is good too, especially as a Kunch counter and to boost tile damage (if you run mono this can be huge! If you only run heavy stacks against titans then maybe less so…).

Red is heavy on awesome support hero’s (Zim, Graz and JF, then you have BK and increasingly PiB) but all its best damage dealers are AoE and/or DoT

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…GM, Vela, JF…

Grazul is VERY useful.


while using grazul, 90% of the time I take no damage from jf or dot damage from vela when on raids. grazul charges so quickly that she is ready to ignore dots, defense debuffs, and whatever else as long as your board isn’t completely void of red. when ghosting (I use mana troops), it takes only 3 tiles to fully charge grazul.

jf, on the other hand, is such a disappointment that i actively target defense teams using him.

I highly recommend grazul for your raiding endeavours. its worth noting she is also really good for pve.


Grazul is unexpectedly good on offense. As others have pointed out, she can really nullify a lot of your opponents specials. She’s part of my main raid attack team.

JF is a little underwhelming, but may be better for defense if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Thank you all for the great advices so far, I have the same dilemma now between JF and Grazul.
I do not need either for defense, but for my war mono team which currently is:
Boldtusk, Mitsuko, GM, Scarlett+20, Grazul(70)

I do like Grazul on offense and on my other war teams I usually go with only one healer, but found her block very useful. Do you think that if I choose Grazul for maxing is she enough as a single healer? (so i can replace boldtusk with falcon or wilbur)

I usually go 3:2 with grazul in the 3 and another healer with curing (costumed rigard, vivica) in the 2. usually her heal doesnt do very much but her buff on the other hand prevents more damage than most healers will heal.

Something really cool about grazul in mono is she juices the mana regen of red heroes.

that all said, if your plan is to use grazul for healing, that isnt necessarily her biggest strength on offense in raids. if your plan is to use her in a mono red with no other healers, I think that that is a great plan!

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Thank you! Now that I think back, I was actually using a lone noncostumed Boldtusk in my red mono with average speed and 27% heal for quite some time - and it worked. So I would expect having a very fast grazul with 15% heal and block should bring similar survivability results. And free up one slot for falcon who would improve my other three aoe(3) hitting heroes in my attack team. I will do some testing now with 3/70 grazul without BT and see how it works.

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Please, let me know what you find out, @Jronny

I´m also needing help to decide who to ascend among Marjana, Grazul and JF. As I have 13 rings (14 after PoV), I´m leaning towards the girls. Marjana is 3.70 and Grazul 2.60. Haven´t even started JF, and one can dream of pulling Grave in May, right? :slight_smile:

Well in my first match against this:

i just so so lost

  • in the end it was my 70 grazul against ariel (i made a fast play mistake in the end losing gm, i would have won)
  • the issue is i had little benefit from falcon, if boldtusk would be there instead i would have won easily, grazuls healing was not enough
  • i need to do some more fights with 1 wilbur instead of falcon 2 JF instead of grazul to test him out in attack

EDIT: I have ran a few more. Usually Grazul was enough without BT (but certainly rhere will be bad board situations where he is missed,grazuls heal is simply weak, but the block is heavenly). I was actually running 5 raids now with JF 70 in the mono as well: To my surprise his burn is not useless at all. Yes I also have gravemaker so they clashed sometimes but i also managed situations where they did not charge at once and burned through both. I had one fight against a vela tank where i: blocked her water dot with grazul + increased blue def with JF + att down with scarlett. She hit around 60-70 damage per hero with no dot after, that was fun. So not writing JF off completely, he can be a useful aoe burner on attack (but yes i agree with most he needs a little buff). More tests needed, this is a tough decision though still much leaning towards Grazul also due to Telluria tanks.

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just some notes of caution on the way you’re conducting your research, it makes complete sense to test out heroes, that’s awesome- still:

the guy you raided had all lvl 30 troops and 5* heroes. what level are your troops? sometimes your choice of heroes is not important if you go up against a perfectly maxed team. maybe look for equal team power (+/- 100) for the testing.

I also dont think 3/70 grazul with no mana shield is the same thing as an emblemmed grazul with mana shield… her ability to sometimes ignore telluria or guin or any other hero with mana slowing is something that makes her very reliable.

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Thank you, great points. I would hardly call it research, much rather just some testing. As you said i need much more samples and maybe also better scenarios. And you are right, it actually does not make a big difference who that fifth hero is, usually it is gravemaker who burns me to win in my red mono matches + the tiles of course.

I am actually not trying to find who the better hero is. There is at this point in the game only one important concern for me - how to further strengthen my war attacks. And whether it is a maxed Grazul that would strengthen my red mono or maybe a maxed JF who could strengthen my sixth war attack team as a support hero.

But yes, with Telly in the picture now I maybe need to think a bit more towards my raid attacks as well as she is arguably the most effective counter… But the above war teams is still the first criteria I want to evaluate.

on offense specifically for war, I don’t think it’s even a toss up. you can never have too many healers, cleansers or very fast heroes. grazul operates equally effectively in a mono stack or as the one red in a 4:1.

jf has a massive thread of people complaining he sucks for a reason.

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Thank you. I am reading around and indeed many people talk about grazul in offense only positively, often in superlatives. She seems to be the favorite for those rings then…

you could also wait until may for another gravemaker :smiley: , I havent even gotten 1 yet but i suppose you could never have too many. not unless you had 36 all maxed…

:smiley: i would not be against another one. Though I stopped spending so no big chance (but hey, i can always reattach my credit card :slight_smile:) anyway even if i would get him, i am okay spending the rings now and would happily wait for the next set of 6 rings for him

Because he was game-breakingly OP in beta and has been nerfed to just “good” the game?

Lots of people were waiting ages for him to come because they were expecting the insane version… And they’re upset because they’ve got a good hero when they were expecting something more.

I think with JF (and Neith to an extent) a lot of the complaints lie in perception-vs-reality.

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Do you consider JF a hero on par with Grazul?

I had no expectations on JF, my first tests with him today also showed me (as i wrote above) that he is not useless. It is just if i have much use for him besides a maxed and now +17 gravemaker. He would also not get wizard talents anytime soon (Hel yet on +13).

For your bench (with GM), Grazul definitely makes more sense.

JF is a solid hero - he’s not as OP as many expected him to be and I think it’s hard for some people to forgive and evaluate him objectively…
He’s good and worth the mats if he suits your gameplay (ie: stacks) and your existing bench.

If I were you I’d do Grazul and keep an open mind to him next time you have the rings…

Neither of these are red MVP (IMHO that’s BK) but they’re both very good hero’s that will enhance your ability and enjoyment.


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