Next red 5* to max

I have 13 rings and I am undecided which red hero to max next. I’m leaning towards Grazul or Jean-Francois. My lineup is as follows:

Black: Max Sartana
No plans to level: Obakan, Quintus 70

Blue: Max Magni, Vela, Richard
King Arthur 70
No plans to level: Thorne

Green: Max Mother Goose, Telluria
Lianna next

Yellow: Max Delilah
Malosi next, Vivicia
No plans to level: Justice 70
I also have Joon’s costume and no Joon.

Red: Max Marjana
Santa Claus 70, Grazul 70, costume Elena 70, Jean-Francois
No plans to level: Azlar, Khagan

These would be my picks from your lineup as well. I guess you’re running Telluria with Vela flank as tank, so I don’t see an immediate need for Santa.

Depending on what level your alliance is facing in war, I would decide in whom to max first…

If you face a lot of Telluria tanks, go for Grazul and get her a level 11 mana troop to protect your team. You can flank your Telluria with Marjana in the meantime until JF is ready to go.

If you’re facing more purple/yellow/blue tanks in war but run greens yourself, I would focus on JF first as the synergy between Telluria, Vela and JF is amazing.

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Agree with Seraph82. I would go with Grazul and Jean-Francois
Good luck

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