Grazul, Azlar, Jean-Francois - which red 5* to ascend?


I have the materials ready, to asend my second 5* red heroe to final lvl. My current sartting lineup is:
Wu Kong - Kingston - Marjana - Isarnia - Melendor (Sabina)

I have Azlar, Grazul and Jean-Francois at 3-70. Which of them would you recommend to level first?

I’ currently training 5*: Telluria (3-41), Perseus (3-52), Sartana (3-41).
Fully levelled 4*: Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Kiril, Boril, Tiburtus, Mist, Agwe, Buddy

Further 5*: Leonidas, Obakan, Richard, Telluria

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Grazul all the way! She’s going to fill your lack of 5*-helaing and protection from the bad status ailments…and at very fast speed! :wink:
She’s more and more essential now in these Telly’ Days :wink:


Hmm Grazul is decent at 3/70, wait for your first mana troop lvl 11. Until this time JF is a good help To progress in season 2 and 3 and a decent flanck for your def raid/ war

Tough choice.

If it was for 3rd+ maxed red, I would recommend Grazul. She became essential recently due to green tanks making their way into the game. But she would also be your first 5 star healer. On the contrary, her healing power is rather limited and already reaching its full potential at 3.70.

JF benefits much more from the 4th ascension, but overall he is an average hero. On your level of playing which I assume is somewhere around early platinum, he may be useful to help winning some raids, but generally he’s not the hero that would win the match for you on his own. Plus he won’t stack with your Wu Kong buff.

Azlar is a relic of dark age, he will benefit a lot from his costume that is about to be released soon, but his vanilla version is rather weak compared to most heroes. Mostly because of its slowness. Arguably though, out of these 3 options you presented, he looks to be the most versatile and benefitting from the final ascension.

I would really recommend waiting for a month and see if you can get something better to work on, in the meantime play around with these heroes, especially Grazul who is almost at her full potential on 3.70, and see who you like most. Is the heal from her sufficient? Does it help you avoid ailments? Do you find JF defensive buffs useful (he’s really about these only, his DOT is underwhelming)? Do you find Azlar charging fast enough often to have impact on the game? Maybe that will help you make up your mind.

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Trank you fit your thoughts. This really helps. I still hope, to geht a 5* Healer in yellow or dark.

And the Jackpot would be, to have Gravemaker as forner HotM in Atlantis summon. Butt the odds for this are unfortunately near to zero :frowning:

I have 7 Atlantis summons and also hope for Ursena.

Grazul, for sure. She’s a rockstar… a little bit of heal and a lot of protection.


Great set of heroes to choose from. I have both Grazul and Jean-Francois…
I went with Grazul and I haven’t been disappointed.
But I will go back and max JF when I get the next set of mats
Good luck

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Grazul first, easy. She’s suddenly become relevant with the introduction of the green tanks, Telluria & Heimdall. JF is ok but definitely don’t waste any materials on Azlar at this point in the game, as he’s too slow & glassy and his expected costume will do little to raise him up to modern standards.

If you are looking to add to your defense team, then JF. Grazul is good at 3.70 I use her there on offense mainly to time her special to block ailments. If you want a beast in rush tournaments, then Azlar

Grazul is a good choice.
When using my red team she is often the last one standing. She is sturdy, especially paired with zimkitty.
I also have JF at 3-70.

If I had to choose today between grazul or jf for my team, Id still go for grazul.

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