Best tank especially 4*

Hi guys, I cant choose the right tank for my team, I have few 5* hero Isarnia, Richard, Zocc, Malosi, Elena costume, Quintos costume and Obakan and I think non is the best choice and I wait
So I need a best epic tank and I do have all season 1 epic hero + wilbur and Gullinbursti
So please help me, tnx

If you have enough ascension materials and fighter emblems, you can use Elena+C as your tank.
She is wonderful. Her riposte stat is the highest in this game at 155%, and her slow mana speed disadvantage can be normalized by her costume, rogue talent node 8 (through fighter emblems), and mana troop level 23.

She is also a good hitter for green Titan and war attacking team too.

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I am thinking about Kashhrek now
Elena died soon

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Of the classic 4’s a heavily emblemed Kashhrek or Boril are go-to’s. Cyprian can sub for Boril too.

It’s a little hard not knowing you’re entire other team. Sometimes Boldtusk with revive from emblems can work as he boosts attack of the rest of your defense so it’s not just wasted healing for people to pound tiles into him (a la Melendor, Sabina, etc). Somewhat true for Kiril too. No revive, but a D boost with an A boost.

If you want to post more info, great. Otherwise good luck and keep us posted!



It might be better to post pictures of your roster and especially who you have costumes for, who is on max, who has emblems and who is in your current defence team.
Does your alliance use colour co-ordinated war tanks?
Without that info and assuming you have Richard and Costume Elena on max, both make decent tanks.
Other 4* hero good tanks include Boldtusk, Boril, Kiril, Cyprian, Kashhrek, Costume Rigard, Costume Li Xiu etc
We just need more information to give you better Informed advice
Good luck



from my point of view, only good classic 4* tank’s are Kashrek and Rigard-C. Against those riposte guys, no matter if 4* or 5*, there is too many dispellers. Still it’s luck based game, so Elena-C may work great for some time while the other time, you will get spanked hard…

My maxed 5* is just Malosi other I name are lvl 70, Richard, Isarnia, zocc, Obalan and I have Quintus and Elena with costume
As I said I have all season 1 epics and Melandor and Rigard and Sonya with costume
So I said all my rooster
And my wilbur, scarllet, Sonya, Melandor, Cademon are maxed epics lvl up other are lvl 60

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Another thing to keep in mind is your D team isn’t all that important. As long as it keeps you in the raid arena you want to/your roster is capable of allowing you to be in it really offers nothing else.

If you focus on your attack teams and roster depth your D team will resolve itself with where your power dictates you should be.

Good luck out there! :+1:t2:


Good 4* that can fit the tank role.




Kashhrek/ c.Kashhrek


Boldtusk (i used to play with him before when i hadnt a better tank)


Li xiu




Costume healer is not fine for defensive because if enemy has Malosi they will be totally useless or if enemy has debuffer

I agree with you in some aspects, however i can tell you that you will surprise how far you can be rellying on BT as tank. You cant set a passive defense you have to pair him with heroes that cause damage . Otherwise you only buy time.

Before my Ursena i used to tank with BT and some costumed 4* and i was between 2200 and 2300.
Now with a def of fully 5* thing is different.

My defense team at the begining of the year was

I think instead of Hansel i had Caedmon. And the heroes with less emblems.

Now my defense is this

Much more agressive. But it doesnt mean that my old defense was bad, it was good enough to keep me in high platinum, big part of this was thanks to BT so annoying reviving, healing and giving attk boost. So depending on the level he could do the work.

That regarding epics. If we talk about 5* you have already a Richard. A good and annoying tank to face. Much more dangerous than Kashhrek

I would tank with Elena+cb personally (I choose Fighter over Rogue because she deals a lot more damage + revive is better than evade for a tank)

With costume bonus, she’s better than any 4* tank IMO


True, but I would caution this line of thinking leads to nothing but endless circles. Every hero has a counter which is why every defense can be beat.

I would recommend you make a D team that keeps you in the raid arena you want to be in/your roster allows and move on. Too much of how the D team plays is beyond your control. :+1:

Good luck!


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If you have an fully emblemded CRigard. he’s quiet tanky.

That’s where I am currently, BT+15 emblems as tank, holds me at 2100-2200. Boldtusk is enough for top tier platinum.

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Costume Rigard/ Boltusk will be my epic tank, both are good enough to hold one in top platinum tier and are long term heroes. I will recommend saving 5*ascend items as they are tough to come by. Wait till you got good heroes.

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No one are ok with Kashhrek
I was thinking about Sonya,Wilbur, Kashhrek,Quintus and Malosi
Kashhrek just need to keep Wilbur and Quintus alive to fire then I win
Now my current team is Sonya,C Rigard, Wilbur, Cademon and Malosi and I stay on 2100, I think about more

Missed arguably the best 4* tank full stop… Buddy.

Otherwise generally agree.

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I complety forgot about him. You are right. I didnt think in Buddy because im not use to running that hero, i dont have him :frowning_face:

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Buddy is great, mine is +20. The OP limited it to vanilla 4* I believe though.

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