Seeking Defense Team Advice

Looking for advice on the best raid defense team. I am currently sitting at 2,500 cups.

I have the following heroes fully ascended:


I also have Isarnia at 3/55 and I have enough telescopes to ascend her so within another couple of weeks she should be close to 4/80.

Currently I’m running Kadilen - Domitia - Elena - Kiril - Joon.

Not sure if I should change the order, and who to switch out for Isarnia once she is leveled up (do I drop Kiril or Kadilen?).

Thanks for your help!

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Well none of your 5* are tanks and you lack a 5* healer which makes it a lil difficult to assemble a proper team. Once Isarnia is high enough I would try Isarnia, Dominita, Kadilen, Elena, Joon.

That might not be the ideal layout but it utilizes your heros that add buffs to neighboring heros.

Elena’s special is perfect for a tank but her low health and shield stats plus slow mana put her at a disadvantage and honestly Kiril is a good hero for coloring stacking but he prob dies quick when your being raided.

An emblemed Kadilen can become tanky and she has fast mana.

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Isarnia - Elena - Domitia - Joon - Kadilen

I assume you have given some emblems to Domitia in this case.

P.S. Riposte heroes require high health/low defense to be effective.

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Didn’t even consider Domitia as a possible tank. Nice call. I think I went with Kadilen cuz Im weak in the red department so green tanks are more troublesome lol

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Thank you both for the advice. It makes sense that Elena’s defense, speed and health make her a poor tank. I’ll give your suggestions a try once Isarnia is leveled. Hopefully soon I’ll pull a good 5* tank or healer.

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