Best tank especially 4*

Who is buddy? Suppose to be Kashhrek
Or I question stupidly

You are a true kashhrek lover lol

Buddy is an epic green hero from christimas event. He has tanky stats, he has def down, minions but very low attk

Hello, We all been to this stage, trying to push 2100 to 2250 or 2300 but thing is it won’t make any difference. People will stack color and will take down any defense. I will prefer to stay in 2000 even if it help me to fill my hero chest. You will need 5* team to breach diamond arena and that will take time. I will suggest to focus war+titan team and save mats for good 5* when you get them(especially for F2P palyers). I seen many times people get the hero they waited and then are short on ascend items.

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Buddy is 4* green but christmas event hero. If you lucky to grab him he is good.

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I like Richard as tank :slight_smile:

You mean it is worth to ascend him?

I’ll pip in with Boldtusk.

He was my tank into diamond for the first time. Held me near enough I could raid back in again for my chest. His revive then heal can be a right pain!

I have a 20 emblem Kiril now I’d probably use but I didn’t have him back then


Richard is not bad.
For best tank I would consider KirilCostume. :slight_smile:

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I agree with Elena, Richard, BoldTusk and C. Rigard as top tank picks.

But if you still want more options, Sonya can be an effective tank. With costume bonus and emblemed up, her defense stat can get insanely high, 900+. She’s fast, has a decent hit, and the paladin talent adds to her defense. Also opponents tend to underrate her. The good thing with embleming her up is that even if you don’t tank her, she works in pretty much every position.

C. Li Xiu can be another very annoying tank when emblemed up.

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Kiril with 20 emblems and his costume maxed is a beast though. That’s mine and he has 5* stats.


Nice work. I have mine +20 yet the costume eludes me. Did you boost his A value with emblems or is that what it is with base + costume percentage?

@TGW - made you look :crazy_face:


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Just fishing for likes, eh?



I’m currently using Richard as tank. Is he the best option? No. (probably best I have currently, though)

Is he a 4*? No again.

I tested both BT and Kashy as tank for a while. They did okay at lower levels. At higher levels? Not so much.

Gaderius is much better than Kash. And you really can’t go wrong with Buddy if we’re talking strictly 4* heroes.

Might be other 4* heroes from other events or Valhalla or something that are better, but based on my limited hero repertoire, if we’re limiting the discussion to 4* only? Yeah. I’ll vote Buddy as well.

EDIT: can’t really offer any better suggestions for 4* as most of the teams I’m currently fighting against are mostly 5*… lots of Kunchens, Tellys, etc. type nonsense. :roll_eyes: Really annoying if you ask me. I long for the simpler days when I was fighting against mostly 4* heroes.

Negative, I am shocked anyone ever likes anything I say. I am certainly not gunning for them :rofl:

I wanted to show you the boards aren’t all doom and gloom you need to avoid :+1:


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For tanking… Yes.

But you shouldn’t be ascending heroes specifically for defence until you have a decent 5* bench (15+ at least, IMHO).

Pick heroes that make the difference in attack or are decent all-rounders and put together the best defence you can from that.

It’s a definite disadvantage to have a great defence too soon - you need to be able to win raids to fill the chest and having a good defence makes that harder… It’s trying to run before you can walk.


Thanks guys, BT is lvl 50 needs many resource
I think I use c.Rigard

I like what you have to say. :+1:

Appreciate the “invite” to a discussion that I might have otherwise ignored.

I’m usually the one initiating “doom and gloom”, I’m just trying to avoid getting censored for it. :grin:

Very true :arrow_up:

First alliance I joined, everyone was all gung-ho about getting the top level main rainbow team for cups and war defense. I focused instead on leveling up 30 heroes for war.

End result: my defense team was usually first attacked and first killed in every war. Repeatedly.

Flip side of that: since my defense was not very good, the enemy didn’t get many points from killing me.

And my attack scores more than made up for the points I was “giving up”.

Versus my fellow teammates who had strong defenses, but only one good war attack.

My team might have gotten killed 3 times, giving the opponent say 150 points. But I was able to use my 6 flags to get 200+ points back from them. Compared to my opponents with their strong defenses who might have only been killed twice, but also giving the opponent the same 150 points. Then they only managed to score 100 points on their attacks.



I was talking more selfishly about the regular raid chest… What you say is definitely true as well, though.

I guess my point isn’t just about numbers, but the abilities of each card - plenty of good/great defensive heroes are mediocre in attack (Richard being one of these, IMHO, and I’d definitely put Telluria in that category as well… At 4* level, I’d put Kashhrek in there without hesitation).

I don’t see the point in levelling heroes that are primarily good for defence before you have good attacking cards ready - as well as the numbers game (bench depth), your first maxed team might not even be capable of winning raids in attack… That’s just pointless!

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To my point above too, I wouldn’t max a 5* until you have 20 or so maxed 4’s. Rushing to 5’s causes more harm then good and slows overall progress.




Generally, yes.

As much as anything else, it’s going to take the same mats to max one 5* as it would to max two 4* (plus the extras).

There’s a few 5* that can be worth levelling even fairly early on - at least to 3.70…
Miki, Tarlak and Gazelle, for example, will boost titan scores a lot and that really helps with mats.

But generally yes, at least 15-20 maxed 4* before maxing any 5* makes really good sense - it’s not like you even can max 5* heroes much earlier than that without significant luck, and they come in a trickle rather than a flood anyway.

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