Who would be my best tank?

Hey guys, I’m having a move around. I’m wondering who would make the best defensive tank for raids and war. I’m torn between Richard and Ursena or whether to level up Elena. I’m never sure who to flank them with though. Any advice? I have mats to ascend most of my 5* heroes so if you think I need to level up any unravelled heroes I can do that.

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Id say Richard with a team like this:

Lianna - Zimkitha - Richard - Ursena - Poseidon


Of the heroes on your roster, I fear Ursena at tank the most, and by a good bit. I’d probably make a defense like:



I would use Ursena, flanked by Richard and Elena, Poseidon and Lianna at the corners.

One piece of advise: finish your heroes all the way, it’s not worth it to spend valuable materials just to have a legendary hero sitting at 4/51.

I do it one at a time and go all the way (legendaries at least 3/70 if I don’t have the AMs)


I’m very guilty of trying to level everything at once! My clan have just switched to blue tanks. So I think I’m gonna have to run Richard as my tank for war now. Who would be good to flank him do you think? I was thinking about finishing off Ursena, Lianna and Zim and then working on Elena?

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At your stage I’d urge you to work one hero of each color, using matched-color feeding to get the 20% bonus on every feeder. So many heroes to level, so few feeders…


Your alliance doesn’t play a specific colour for all tanks? If not, you should. And then you decide.


As much as it hurts to do, i would think about using some of your heroes to feed to others, like Danza2+3, Kashrek (only for tank, no other usage), Horghall, Gadeirus2 and if i see it right by hairstyle, kashrek 2+3 :grin:

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Kiril+x Zimi Ursl Posey Lianna



Finish off Richard, Zimkitha and Sartana ASAP

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Ursena has to tank or stay on the bench. When flank or wing she’s not much better than Quintus.

She only works great against a bunch of yellows and if she’ll cast early.


Don’t feed away any 5* cards. Changes happen. Horghall’s beta “costume” is really great.


Yes, your war tank should match your alliance’s color if you are using that strategy.

I would flank Richard with BT on one side and Lianna on the other.

BT is great for wars, since his special stacks with both heal and attack war buffs.

Zimkitha > BT imo

20 Zimkitties

You know more, or talking about the new buildings to tranform the useless?

In a regular defense team, I do agree with you, but in wars I have better results with at least one healer, also, BT has greater buff than Zim’s.

You could also flank him with Boldtusk and Zim.

I suggest NOT to do that.

In wars, as opposed to regular raids, if your enemy kills only your tank stacking green, next attack they will come back stacking blue, putting 2 reds would be a 2x1 offer.

I’m certainly hoping that the useless will become the useful, it’s the only reason I’m hanging on to my 4/5*'s.

So Flank Richard with 2 reds? I would be tempted to pick Wilbur over Zim, is that madness? This is why I need help! Lol.

I wouldn’t flank double reds in war. It’s a weakness (opponent could stack 5 blue) in general and a bad weakness if only your tank gets killed

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