4* heroes as tanks

So I have got Kashhrek and Cipriano in one account and Kashhrek and Boril in another.

How are your experiences using / fighting those?

Wich one is better for tank and the other for flank?

While fighting 5* attackers:
Boril > Cyprian > Kashhrek as tanks
Boril = Cyprian > Kashhrek as flanks

Kashhrek is strong when the attacker can’t field a good team but Boril and Cyprian perform better than him while against good teams.

Attackers would rely on dispel while fighting counterattacking tanks so I would say that they would perform pretty well with an AoE mana controller next to them such as Li Xiu.


Above mentioned Li Xiu is my second favourite 4* tank actually, only surpassed by Buddy. I find Kashrek and Riposte heroes easier targets in general. Boril is the best of the bunch you mentioned, with emblems he can buy some time to your defence as a meat shield. Kash is quite overrated.

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I field Boril as my tank in Defense War because my alliance requires us to use blue tank even though I have both Ursena and Onatel maxed and emblemed.

And surprisingly I have a very good success defending from enemy’s teams in Alliance War. My Boril is barely emblemed (only at +3 or is it +4 because most other emblems are with Rigard).

I flanked Boril with both Ursena and Onatel so that might have been helpful. But overall Boril is a good tanks to brought against 5* teams when you have nothing else to bring.


Used kiril +9 as my tank for ages done alright

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I actually used to have more problems with Kashhrek as tank than Boril or Cipriano.

That is why I am strugling about using Kashhrek as tank and Boril as flank, or the opposite.

Li Xiu as tank!? Really!?

I have never thought or heard of that.

In fact I ascended Wu Kong over Li Xiu on another secondary account <○>

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Kash tank with Boril flank just invites for 3 greens from the attacker. It is just too passive imho.

I wouldn’t be opposed to ascending Wu over Li, he has a very specialized role for titans. I got him very late, so don’t have a big attachment to him. Li +11 is still my tank at high platinum / low diamond, though I need to upgrade to a 5* tank soon.

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