Best defence. What changes i should do?

Like the title says.
○ Do you think i should change anything on my defence?
○ Shoud i start Telluria first and replace Ursena?
(I have grazul in work folowed by kage inarry and miki.
I just do one at a time not 1 each collor)
○ Should i level other heroes instead of the ones above? ( i will probably do grazul because of all the dot in defence teams. And i will do malossi instead of inarry if im lucky to get it)

Im happy to hear any opinion.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english( not the first language)

In my honest opinion, especially with how the games stands currently, I would focus on levelling Telluria next - 100%
Whatever you decide good luck

Thanks im thinking on it…but i have just 3 tonics at the moment. I use rest of them on kingston. For sure telly will be my next green so i will start leveling it when i will have 5

My 3.70 Telluria always kept me in diamond by the way for almost a week. Sometime she got me over 2600 cups while asleep. Having said that, Telluria works so well thanks to her flanks.

You do not have Vela (or maybe I am missing her). If I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much about Telluria at this moment. You already have a very solid defense. Perhaps level a more offensive hero like Grazul to neutralise Telluria tanks?

Thats why i start grazul…to use it against telly gm vella and soon clarissa.
About defence the only thing i’m worried is playing with 2 purple in the same team. But seshat is a really strong sniper so i dont wana waste her

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I’m normally a proponent of using a rainbow defense, but in your case the two purples work because you actually WANT the attacker to stack yellow due to Ursena. She absolutely punishes yellow.

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