Help me setup my defense

My 5* heroes are as following. what would be the best defense for me? The first picture is my current defense team and its enough to keep me above 2500. Ignore their levels. I’m just wondering what would be best for the future.

That’s a lot of slow and average heroes. I’m.nit saying it’s bad, but it gives your opponent time to set up their board. With what you have (regardless of levels) I’d say go with this:


For the future tho, you might want to look into replacing Isarnia, Hel and Azlar

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thanks for suggestion. i know theyre very slow. but as f2p player im happy with them. onatel isarnia and hel all use the same amblems thats my biggest problem atm

Yeah, that’s a bit of a downside to you roster, but I would always go for special skill over emblems. I haven’t encountered any issues with defenses that use subpar special skill heroes with high emblems. It’s just a little more HP to tackle usually.

The combination of their specials could set you up for success if the opponent is struggling with the board. But like with everything, it’s trial and error. I definitely recommend Telluria as tank tho, especially since people havent figured her out yet.

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Yeah the other day i tried how far i could go in top 100 (got stuck at 7). and the only tank i was having problem was telluria. ursena, guni, kunchen i could deal easily but she was really tough. so i’m really happy that i pulled her yesterday. too bad i only have 2 tonics atm. ascending kadilen was my biggest mistake :frowning: i dont even use her in raid attacks i prefer 4* greens

We all make mistakes early game, but the beauty is that your gonna get more Tonics over time. Yeah, it would’ve been nice to have the tonics now, but you’ll get them eventually and by then there will be more information on how she performs too.


In my honest opinion, For your raid defence team, I would replace Vivica with Onatel and Alberich with Telluria. Keep Hell, Isarnia and Azlar.
Good luck


I do like Azlar in this D, as he’s always at the back of your mind, especially when stacking against the Tank. Have to keep an eye on him, especially with a subpar board.
Hel can shut down 3 of hero’s for enough time that your dead.

Of course like @TheChef mentioned slow isn’t very helpful on a D, other than the tank which should get hit with enough tiles that it isn’t an issue. The game has moved to fast/very fast but it’s still a chess match. No defense is unbeatable and sometimes a bit of psychological games can help. I know that I’m wanting Azlar off that board ASAP if I don’t have a cleanser, Which I normally don’t while attacking.

I say play around with both @JGE and @TheChef’s suggestions. Both are solid. See what works best for you. That’s part of the fun in this game, at least for me.

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IMHO - slow punches great on flanks, often sinks on wings… Resurrection hero’s rarely trouble me - fights don’t typically last long enough and I personally think they’re slipping out of meta on defence - battles are getting shorter unless you have a healer tank (and if you do, you probably don’t want another passive hero).

I try to avoid anything slower than “fast” on wings.

Slow flanks can work but you need a beefy tank to pull it off - Telluria will give you that.

Often we have to build for where the game seems to be going - will more minion hero’s slow the meta down a bit?

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