Telly or kingston? Defence team help

Hi everyone.
As the topic title says i need some help with my defence team especialy tank position. At the moment i have Ursena (lv.9) and Black knight(lv.12) going well on that position but today a got Telluria so now i can’t decide how to manage my defence. Telly is a beast but i have just 7 tonics and Kingston is waiting for few months. My only other green 5* is Lianna. I will upload some pictures with my heroes and i will be thankfull for any opinion and help i can get for:
–>Best tank and best defence team i can do with my heroes.
–>going for Telluria or finish Kingston( could take few months until i get 5 more tonics)
–> i also can’t decide about next red to level Grazul , Jean Francois or Marjana.

Thanks a lot for all the help. I’m open to every opinion
(Sorry for my writing. English is not my first language)

Of you want the best tank => Telluria, hands down

In your case i would go with Kingston and grazul though.

Ursena is alrdy a good tank

Kingston will be good in your defense also, his attack down also helps vs titans, great offensive hitter

Grazul will help you survive those gm, drake, vela, tell centers. You’ll probably use him every war, and lots of raids.

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