Best 3 Star Mono Team

With plenty of time on my hands I have started to cull my roster of 3 star heroes. I thought it was about time because numbers started to get out of hand. I completed my mono red team of : Hawkmoon costume, Rudolph, Namahage, Squire Wabbit and Ei-Dunn.
I now need to choose five blue, purple, green and yellow. The rest will be food. I don’t want more than 25 x 3* heroes.
This is what I have… who should be in the best mono teams?

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:thinking: Are you posing this question as a general theoretical best in the game? Or the best you have available to you?

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The best I have available to me. My roster is getting way out of hand. My next cull is 4 star duplicates. I am not going to be able to do anything with them in the Hero Academy.
And any advice with the new Valhalla 3* greatly appreciated - Bjorn, Jarvur, An-Windr, Agnes, Kvasir

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I’d say for blue : nordri, gato, 2nd gato, 3rd gato, gunnar
for purple : C.Renfeld, Bjorn, Baltazar, 2nd Bjorn, 2nd Baltazar
for yellow : Kvasir, Pixie, Bane, Melia, Agnes (and Arman for backup)
for Green: Shrubbear, c.Berden, c,Friar Tuck, Hisan,Mnesseus… BUT i’d love to keep By-Ulf and Brienne

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For Challenge Events, mono red and blue typically are the most useful across Stages and Events.

Since you have red, I’d do Costumed Gunnar, Nordri, 2x Gato and any other blue hitter for your blue team.

For Raid Tournaments, I’d keep:


  • Kvasir
  • Agnes
  • Pixie
  • Melia
  • Bane
  • (I think you should keep Arman and Kailani too, but if you’re going to absolutely limit yourself to 5, then I’d skew faster, since they’re most useful in Rush Attack)


  • Shrubbear
  • Costumed Friar Tuck
  • Costumed Brienne
  • Hisan
  • Mnesseus
  • (I think you should keep Berden too, but again, limiting to 5 is hard; By-Ulf and Muggy can be fun, but are less flexible for general use; second Berden and Hisan are worthwhile, but you’re capping)


  • Bjorn
  • Costumed Renfeld
  • Tyrum
  • Balthazar
  • Chochin
  • (I think it’s a mistake to lose Gill-Ra for Rush Attack; Guardian Bat and An-Windr are solid options too, but you’re capping; likewise, two of Bjorn on Offense can be killer, but you’re not making space, so :man_shrugging:)

Many thanks guys. Much appreciated.
Now I need to look at the 4* heroes I have had forever that are sat at 1/1

@JGE This was actually a lot of fun!

Here’s my top mono 3* teams…some colours now feel neglected when compared to others :joy:


Excellent teams @Cheds. Very nice. Did you save other 3* heroes too?

Yes I have a pile left to do…not sure which next after I’ve done Banes Costume

And these 4 that didn’t make the top teams cut. I know people like Rudolf but he never feels that awesome to me

keep lots of 3* heroes. not just 25. it makes a huge difference who you bring into raid tournaments.

I just started playing the game about 25 days ago. I now have four 3* blue
Valen (everyone is a fan, I’m a bit disappointed in him)

Who should I focus on levelling up first?
Keep in mind I have noooo 4 stars yet.

Personally, I would focus on Ulmer first then Vodnik

I love 3* heroes.
My favourite green heroes that I use together are C.Brienne, Berden and Hisan. I was also surprised how hard Jarvur can hit. Does anybody emblemed him? Is he worth Druid emblems? Yesterday I maxed my first Bjorn and I heard that he is very good, I will use him together with emblemed Gil-ra.
And I still can’t wait to pull Ishtak’s and Renfeld’s costumes - they seem to be much better than regular heroes.

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I would say Valen, but you disappointed with him, so Vodnik first

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How about
Oberon or Renfeld?

Belith or Isstak?

Belith is a healer so you might want to focus on her first.

Renfield is very poor without his costume. Oberon is slow mana but he can be pretty awesome in rush tournaments. Look for Balthazar or Tyrum as good dark 3*.

Can you post your roster then we know what we are looking at and how best to offer advice. Thanks

Can’t wait until Kailani and Dawa costume come out. If Kailani’s costume is like C.Gunnar, then best mono yellow for events will be like: C.Kailani, C. Dawa, 3x Agnes.

Depending on other color heroes you have.

Ulmer will give you more damage per tile and an aoe armor debuff, but is slow and squisy as hell.

Vodnik is nice in pvp and bosses with mana.

As green: Belith without any doubt.

Purple, I´d go Oberon over Renfeld.

IMHO the best classic 3 star heroes are (No costume)

Purple: Tyrum, Baltazhar.
Yellow: Bane, Kailani.
Red: Hawkmoon, Azar (Nashgar and jahangir are also useful)
Blue: Ulmer, Gunnar.
green: Belith, Berden.

Belith is probably the most useful clasic 3* hero because she has 2 uniques skills: dispel and heal.

New 3* are stronger and have quite interesting skills, but their availability is limited.

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