Best 4 Star Mono team

Quick Question, and just for fun
What is your best 4 star mono team in each colour.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green

Ok, here goes nothing

Purple: Fura, c.Tibs+18, Proteus+18, c.Rigard+18, Stonecleave


Red: Wilbur+18, Gormek, Scarlett, Kelile, Boldtusk
Green: Buddy+20, Gandalf+20, Caedmon+14+C, Gadeirus, Hansel
Blue: Grimm+20, Kiril, Boril, Mireweave, …Agwe?
Yellow: Mist+20, Li Xiu, Chao, Danzaburo, Wukong
Purple: C.Rig+20, C.Tibs+20, Cyprian, Cheshire Cat, Sabina

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Holy team: Mist - Guardian Jackal - Chao - Li Xui - Gullinbursti


Basically i would say that right now these are my best:


Here im working on Clarissa but after that i have another Rig and another C.Tibs to work on to add more fire power.
I benched Sabina. And i miss a purple sniper. Jafar or with some Luck the next purple Ninja hero(4☆).


Here im finishing Chao. Im thinking about giving him some emblems.
Benched Wu Kong and hu tao which i wouldnt bring to a raid or war attack.
Would love Lady worlentoon or Jackal.


Now working on Brynhild.
Benched another Melendor and a full embelemed Little John that im using less and less.
I hope to pull someday another Hansel and Peters.
After i finish with Brynhild i will work in caedmon costume and another caedmon.


Here im missing a Wilbur who has eluded me since forever.
Benched ; Colen, Gormek, BT number 2.



After i finish Skadi i will probably continue with 2nd Sonya


No Sonya, Triton, or Jott for you that you have to use Agwe? Ouch lol

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Ooh! A fun post. :grin:

RED: BT, Scarlett, Gormek, Colen, Kelile

BLUE: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Agwe, Jott

Yes, Agwe sigh. 5* heroes are not allowed here and my Boril isn’t finished yet.

GREEN: Melendor, Kashrek, Little John…

Remaining 2 are not completely done (again, 5*s not allowed) so comes down to Caedmon, Buddy, and Hansel.

YELLOW: Wu Kong, Chao #1, Chao #2, Li Xiu, Hu Tao

PURPLE: Rigard #1, Rigard #2, Cyprian, Tiburtus, Ammeona (Sabina not done yet)

Hey. Don’t judge me, man. I’ve thrown countless gems, coins, and tokens into summon portals and almost all they ever throw back at me is Dawas and Priscas. If it wasn’t for TC20, I’d have nothing.


Here’s mine:

Red - Boldtusk (costume bonus), Wilber^8, Guardian Falcon, Scarlett, Colen
Blue - Kiril (costume bonus), Boril^16 (costume bonus), Sonya (costume bonus), Jott, Grimm
Purple - Sabina^20, Rigard (costume bonus), Proteus^10, Tiburtus (costume bonus), Merlin
Yellow - Jackal^20, Jackal^10, Gullinbursti^11, Li Xiu (costume bonus), Lady Woolerton
Green - Melendor (costume bonus), Byrnhild^18, Almur, LJ (costume bonus), Caedmon (costume bonus)

Maxed heroes not chosen: Kelile, Mireweave, Gretel, Chao, Wu Kong, Buddy, Hansel, Peters, Chesire Cat.


I don’t really use mono 4* teams, but yeah. I do have a Sonya, but she isn’t even maxed yet.

Is that blasphemy?

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Ooo I like this! I love 4*s. Lots to choose from but this would be my top teams

Other options

Red: Kelile for Colen
Blue: Jott for Boril
Green: C. Melendor for Jack O’Hare
Holy: Gullinbursti for Lady Woolerton
Dark: Gafar or Cheshire Cat for Sabina … maybe

Teams fire Left to right.
Sonya, Caed could be original or costume

Lots more benched but these would be my top monos.


Nice little thought experiment. Taking away Raid Tourney rules…

With some colors I struggle with “best” as I build my teams based on the enemy… but I’ve given my “must haves” and listed reasoning for the options.


Sabina / Proteus 1 / Tiburtus (with costume)/ Rigard (no costume) / Proteus 2 .

two healers, one cleanser, one dispeller, one pulverizer to make the tiles hit harder (and Protys and Sabsy have high attack stats!), plus two mana controllers.

Also have dupes of Sabina, Tibs and Rigard who can come in - depending on the enemy, two Sabsy or two Rigards may make sense. I’ve also done double Tibs before, costume Tibs first to soften up, then normal Tibs for a harder hit.

Benched: poor old Cyprian. I do like him on the world map, but for Raids and stuff I find Proteus, Sabina and Rigard much more useful - useful enough to have two each sometimes


Lady Wooly / Li Xiu (with costume) / Chao / Danzaburo / Li Xiu 2 or Lady Wooly 2, depending on the enemy.

This team really relies on stalling and whittling down… none of them have specials that can be relied on to kill an enemy outright, sadly.

Wu Kong takes the 5th slot if vs. Titans.

Benched: Chao 2 (though faster than Li, Li has the costume bonus to toughen her up); Hu Tao


Kiril (no costume), Sonya normal, Sonya costume, Grimm, Triton.

With the meta now, the two Sonyas are pretty much mandatory (one to dispel, one to cleanse). Grimm to soften the enemy up (if not outright kill some). Triton combos VERY well with Kiril (either Kiril buffs Triton for an extra powerful hit, or Triton boosts Kiril so we heal more).

Also have Valeria to come in if the enemy has a lot of healers.

Benched: 2nd Kiril, 2nd Grimm (powerful but Triton’s speed and combo w/ Kiril are an asset), 2nd Valeria, Agwe, Boril w/ costume (riposte is just less useful than the other skills)

Green - this was the toughest, my Green 4* bench is the most extensive

Hansel / Caedmon (costume) / Melendor (costume) / two of Jack O’Hare OR 2nd Hansel OR 2nd Melendor (normal) OR 2nd Caedmon (costume)

Mana control (2nd Hansel) is the best, but a 2nd healer (normal Mel) might come in handy (2nd one normal to avoid overwriting Mel-C’s buffs). But sometimes multiple cleansers are needed (2nd Caed).

Jack for his fast speed and high attack, he makes a great finisher.

Benched: Kashhrek (I like the boosted HP, but healing only the flanks makes it tough), Skittleskull with costume (still too slow), Little John no costume (conflicts with Hansel), Gobbler, Gadeirus, 2nd Jack O’Hare


Boldtusk (has costume but I use normal) / Gormek / Sir Lancelot / Colen / Scarlett

Colen over Kelile and Shadereave because Colen’s special doesn’t overlap with any of the others, and Colen following Boldy + Gormek will hit hard. Lance’s mana boost helps with Colen’s slowness. I do have dupe Boldtusk, Gormek and Scarlett for war depth, but I don’t like that they overwrite their twins.

Well, that wasn’t so hard after all!


I think that’s the more popular option in general - vanilla BT has better stats, a superior class talent, and the difference in healing isn’t worth the loss in attack buff percentage.


Well, if you have a really deep roster, then I guess it is not necessary to max Sonya. But I personally would definitely prefer her over Agwe hehe

Our teams are VERY similar. I posted mine earlier. But exactly the same for red and purple. Yellow I have Gullinbursti instead of Mist. Blue I have Jott instead of Triton and Green I have C-Melendor and C-Little John instead of Buddy and Jack. Cool stuff!

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3 Cost. Rigards and 2 Proteus :smiley:

This was an interesting exercise. I thought I had more leveled 4* :open_mouth:

“Best” is relative, as I might change them out depending on the situation.

I also have 8 or 10 at 3.60

Interesting to note that the only one of these I actually use is red. I’ve used it for epic levels in challenge events

And I may have used blue a few times. But I am more likely to run 4-1 with cRigard for most situations. My yellow has no cleanse or dispel, and my purple has no dispel. Also Tibs and Chesh don’t stack so I wouldn’t generally use them together.

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Great thread, a good time to check on your progress and what colors you need to buff up:

Purple: C RIgard +18 - Proteus +18 - C Tibs +11 - Proteus #2 - C Rigard #2

Yellow: Gretel +18 - G. Jackal +14 - Mist +9 - Wu Kong +11 - Gullinbursti (2 of them)

Blue: C Kiril + 18 - C Sonya +18 - Grimm +14 - C Sonya #2 +7 - Jott

Green: Buddy +18 - Hansel +14 Little John +15 - Brynhild +9 Almur + 8

Red: BoldTusk +20 - WIlbur +18 - G. Falcon +18 - Sumle - Colen

Some need emblems, but often the 5* take precidence.



Experiment with purple


Fun question. Prob in this order are my favorite and specials work well together to be pretty survivable if boards aren’t with me right away.
Purple: C.Rigard +20, Seshat +15, Kunchen +11, Kage +11, Clarissa (sometimes proteus +19 for clarissa)
Green: Alberich +15, Almur +20, Telluria +9, Kingston +10, Hansel +6
Blue: Grimm +17, Frida, Aegir +9, Vela +6, Kiril +6 (sometimes Jott or C. Sonya for Kiril)
Yellow: C. Vivica, Joon +9, Malosi, Inari +9, Jackal +19 (sometimes Mist, and Wu for titans)
Reds: Falcon, JF +6, Grazul, Wilbur +20, Tyr +5 (sometimes BT, or Red Hood for Grazul on titans)

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whoops, didn’t see 4*, i’ll have to revise that later! me fail inglish? that’s unpossible!

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