Any good all-around 3* team to suggest me?

Hi Folks,

like a lot of players i guess, it seems i didn’t payed enough attention to my 3* heroes. I’ve got most of them, but preferred to concentrate my effort on levelling my 4* heroes : 5* are too expensive to level up, 3* seemed too weak. BUT… I now find myself unable to be competitive in any 3* event or raids or anything dedicated to 3* heroes.

So I tried to find any good site detailing 3* heroes powers and weakness, but as there are a lot to find about 4* and 5*, 3* heroes are often not even mentionned.

That’s why I’m asking you, players, your advices for a good all around 3* team. My first intuition is doing something like Bjorn/Kvasir/Gato/Grevle/Rudolph, but is there any better option ? For exemple, is Belith better than Grevle ? Does Kvasir needs a team made around him to be effective with his bees ? If so, Bane or Agnes could be better yellow choices ? Dark speaking, Bjorn seems OP, but Balthazar seems pretty OK too ? Are Vodnik or Jarvur better than Gato for blue ? And for the red place, Rudolph seems OP too, but maybe Nahamage is better ?

Thanks a lot by advance for your help. Peace, everyone !

This is going to be one of those things where if you ask 100 people you will get 100 different answers…

The usefulness of the 3* is very situation dependent. Buff Booster vs Bloody Battle vs Rush for tourneys, for example, all benefit different heroes.

In general, non-S1 heroes are usually higher powered, unless you have the costume (which then takes more time to level).

Do you have any 3* leveled or started at all? That will also change the answer


No idea really what you have in your roster, but my advice would be to start with 3 star mono Red first.
Costume Hawkmoon, Squire Rabbit, Ei-Dunn, Namahage, Rudolph…
Costume Gunner, Gato, Nordri, Gato, Costume Karil
Bjorn, Costume Renfeld, Tyrum, Costume Balthazar, Chochin
Kvasir, Agnes, Pixie, Melia, Costume Bane
Shrubbear, Costume Friar Tuck, Costume Brienne, Hisan, Mnesseus

Also keep:
Jarvur, Arman , Kailani, Gill-Ra, Berden, Frosty, Grevle, Sudri, Skrekok, Bauchan


It’s really hard to choose between the heroes you mentioned.

I’d give priority to the fast/ average heroes, because if you take a look in the different tournaments, the slow heroes usually appear just in the rush ones. In buff and bloody tournaments, speed has a little bit more relevance, as there aren’t mana troops in this level.

If if had to choose one of each colour, this would be my candidates:

  • Bjorn: his second hit is really hard.

  • Kvasir: those wasps can be really annoying.

  • Gato/ Vodnik: Gato is one of my favourite ones as there aren’t 3* cleansers (until costume Tyrum came up) and he really helped me in so many occasions. Maybe he’s not so popular now and I tend to see more Vodniks.

  • Grevle: the mini Heimdall without resurrection.

  • Rudolph: I personally like the heroes that reduces mana.

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I have most of those heroes, and to answer Tess, no, i don’t have any 3* hero really started to be leveled except for Bjorn which seems to be pretty much THE dark hero to level up if you’ve got him.

I know i’ll have to level up more than one hero in each color, but the idea, right now, is to have a quite good all around rainbow team to be able to at least participate to 3* heroes event without it to be a total shame ^^

I really like Grevle for attack boost and overheal. But sometimes a dispeller is very useful. And neither one is helpful for bloody battle.

I like my Kvasir a lot, but I think I would choose a fast sniper first. I really like Agnes.

I like fast Balthazar better, and he’s also higher tile damage. Even better if you have the costume.

I like Gato better, especially for bloody battle and buff booster. I also have Nordri+20. (I don’t have Vodnik, so I can’t speak for him)

Namahage hits a ton and is awesome for bloody battle and buff booster. But my costume Hawkmoon is +20 and sees a lot of use.

Something else that affects this decision: whether you plan to emblem any 3* and which emblems you have available. My Bjorn, for example is way down the list for monk emblems but barbarian emblems I seem to have a ton of.

When 3* raid tournaments are on come back to the forum. As people at the start share there teams and give ideas on what to set up. That’s this week’s.

Also when the next challenge event is on people do the same :sunglasses::+1:

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As others mentioned before me, S3 and S2 3-star heroes are better than S1 unless you have costumed S1s.

I’ve been playing with mostly 3* heroes recently, so here is my 2 cents - speaking from personal experience amongst 3* heroes I have on different accounts. Will cover heroes others didn’t speak of that much:

Valen - great def debuffer, fast to boot. If you don’t want to use mana pots vs weaker titans, he’s your man. Good in raids, good vs bosses. cBerden is the same.

cIsshtak = Grimm’s little brother. Do I need to say more? Try him, you’ll like him. A lot.

Tyrum is pretty tanky and his spear hits fast and hard, also with the dispel effect. With his costume he can become a cleaner, and that is an effect seldomly encountered amongst the 3* bunch. Plus the ones that have it are of the more fragile variety like Gill-Ra.

Melia is great. Her critical chance buff comes fast and can turn the tide of the battle even if all of your heroes have only a bit of life left. Also speaking purely as stats, hers are better than Bane’s.

Brienne is excellent on many occasions. Probably not for raids, but vs titans and on map stages (especially the poison mist maps of Atlantis). I guess she can also be good on the lower levels of the Ninja tower. Poison mist and toxic vapors will trigger her each turn for an additional 20% attack boost.

Also as with the 4-star heroes, there is no such thing as a good all-around 3* team. Colorstacking is required on many occasions, and at that moment having at least 2 copies of a certain key 3* hero of the needed color is required.

I was in your situation not so very long ago, being frustrated about events and tourneys and what i did was level up 3 rainbow teams of three stars so i could stack 3/2 any color combination.

This was immensely helpful in events and tournaments, but i also went from a minor player to immediately relevant in wars, because i could run cleanup on teams that had a hero or two or three missing or damaged. With 3 TC11 and running 1 of them TC1/2 as often as possible when i had the swords/backpacks, i was able to go from 1/1 to 3 maxed rainbow teams of three stars in three weeks.

Now that I have many more 4s leveled, going to go back shortly and take a couple of weeks and max a couple more rainbow teams so i can go mono any color.

For specific heroes, Grevle, costume Brienne, and Nordri were probably the most all around useful. You can add Grevle and Brienne to any three of the same color hitters and have a great team, and Nordri and cBrienne are useful on titans too.

hope that helps, taking the time out to max my 3s really helped me enjoy the game more in a variety of different ways.


Gato is weak and don’t use unless you need a limited cleanser (him and neighbours). Grevle, Bjorn and Kvasir are great and quite frankly Azar is better than Rudolf imo. A Hawkmoon costume won’t go astray if you are colour stacking.

Having just finished the tournament I will add my insight.
I always fielded only one hero: cHawkmoon.
Second next is Grevle (24 out of 25) who is especially useful in those situation where you can tank (leave only one enemy alive before going to the next stage): you can literally double up your health on all the heroes.
Third is Kvasir: unless you face another Kvasir his bees do a lot of things.
As purple my first choice was… Tyrum. I could say I like cBalthazar the most but really, the chance of switching Tyrum’s utility via his costume is an enormous asset.
That’s said by someone who has 3 Bjorns.
I like to consider Gunnar my strongest blue. He is slow so that’s a little meh, but he has GREAT synergy with Brienne and once you get those two going you will often have them ready to go again before Gunnar’s special is off.

If I were to look for a readily available (i.e. free) general rainbow lineout I would go
Hawkmoon, Tyrum, Gunnar, Brienne, Bane
It may look weak on damage, but let Gunnar and Brienne do their magic together and check the damage.
If there’s need for defense debuff…
Hawkmoon, Tyrum, Kailani, Brienne, Valen

Have fun :wink:

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