Weeding out my 3star roster ... who to keep?

Over the last 12 months I have hordes lots of 3 star heroes and then sat on them for many months doing nothing at all.
It’s fast becoming an item of fun in my alliance. So I have agreed to start weeding them out, given that I have more time on my hands.
I am just looking to keep a set that will do well in tournaments and win rare monthly events etc.
Not looking to be in top 100 or be best this, that and the other.
When I use my 3 star it’s normally stacked 3/2.

This is what I currently have:

Namahage (2), Hawkmoon C (2), Rudolph, Ei-Dunn (2), Bauchan, Jahangir

Gunnar C, Gato (2), Nordi, Valen, Vodnik, Ulmer

Bjorn (3), G.Bat (2), Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Chochin, Tyrum C.

Bane C, Kvasir (2), Melia, Arman

By-Ulf, Muggy (2), Belith, Hisan, Mnesseus, Berden, Brienne C

What do you suggest I keep? Who should I feed? And what’s the best teams?

Any ideas, suggestions greatfully received - my alliance all say differently lol … Many thanks in advance


hawkmoon, Eidunn
Bjorn (1-2), Gbat

All of them are dupes and their dupes are not usefull for tourney and event so you can feed em without regrets. Bjorn I‘m actually not 100% sure if he will be a thing in events but as he is purple…probably not

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I personally have kept 1 of every hero. For duplicates I recommend the below;

Only heroes I have MORE than 2 of is Rudolph who is my main guy for event tournaments (Costume Hawkmoon + 4x Rudolph)


That isn’t a funny collection of useless 3*, it’s pretty much what most people would be advised to keep as their core 3s. Could probably ditch some of the duplicates though.

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I would also hold onto Melia, Arman, and one Kvasir.

Here’s my Rainbow Tournament Defense team Non-Bloody Battle.

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My personal thoughts:

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For the most part, you only have most of the best 3*, so there’s not a ton to cut.

I’d actually be looking to pick up a third Gato or Chick Jr.; and another Rudolph or Namahage, or preferably Squire Wabbit.

Based on that, I’d eliminate:

Hawkmoon C x1


Bjorn x1

None, but you could cut Kvasir x1

Muggy x1

I’d use these for most Challenge Events:

  • Costumed Hawkmoon, Rudolph, 2x Namahage and Ei-Dunn
  • Costumed Gunnar, Nordri, 2x Gato, and Ulmer

If you get Squire Wabbit(s), he can swap in for Namahage, but I’d still keep Namahage for Buff Booster.

If you get Chick Jr., he can swap in for Ulmer, but I’d still keep Ulmer for Rush Attack. If you get multiple, he could swap in for Gato too, but I’d still keep Gato for Raid Tournaments, he’s useful in all of them on Offense, and sometimes on Defense. Keeping one for Challenge Events also means you can prevent Chick Jr.’s self debuff.

For Raid Tournaments, you’ll get use out of all of those and the others.

On Offense, I particularly like Costumed Hawkmoon, Belith, Kvasir, Bjorn, Nordri, Namahage, Rudolph, Bauchan, Ei-Dunn, Costumed Tyrum, Chochin, Balthazar, Bane, Melia, Hisan, Mnesseus, Berden, and Costumed Brienne.


Im not sure about all of those.
But I use 2 Kvasirs paired with Brienne’s costume and I find it to be quite useful, specially in those tournaments where you can’t heal.

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For rare heroes, costume or not I keep 1 each of classics except Graymane, Prisca, Friar Tuck and Renfeld I usually feed off, now the new costume will change that for Friar and Renfeld.
Atlantis 1 each. Event 1 each , and I’m adopting the same 1 each for S3. I love varieties, roster space is not an issue for me.

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Careful purging season 1 heroes. In the updates section they’ve release a photo with new costumes coming soon. They say there will be 21 new ones coming.

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