3-Tier Roster Challenge - What would be your strongest MONO team?

This is more of a puzzle than a challenge, an interesting way to look into your roster (maybe others already do this, but it’s been a while since I’ve really taken stock of where I’m at). So,

If you were given your entire roster of heroes, emblems, and costumes, and allowed to build ONE mono team of each level, what would be your best Rare team, Epic team, and Legendary team?

Feel free to post thoughts and alternatives for discussion as well!

Rare Mono team

Costume Gunnar , Gato, Nordi, Ulmer and Valen

Epic mono

Colen, Scarlett, Wilbur, Falcon, Boldtusk

Legendary Mono

Finley, Isarnia, Frida, Kiril and Alasie

That’s cool Lexx, that epic team looks awesome…great variety in there.

Did you have choices besides Kiril for the Legendary team? Wondering what your thought process was. Did emblems factor in?

Rare - berden, brienne, tuck, mnesseus, belith
Epic - costumed rigard, costumed tibertus, proteus, merlin, stonecleave
Legendary - MN, elkanen, zeline, kadilen, lianna

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For me Rare mono would be:
Hawkmoon (costume), Namahage, Ei-Dunn, Bauchan and 2nd Namahage

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For me it’s my red team

But I am excited to level this team for yellows


That purple team is cool looking.

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I picked Kiril because i couldnt find a blue Who provides the same effect
Yes, kiril +20 full def and hp path .
His heal is good for surviving but i picked him over Ariel for his atk boost

I won’t even make a full Mono 3* team,though I have many maxed. My strongest 3*hero is Belith+20.

I have a green 5*Mono Team though, just not fully ascended.

Gunnar C / Nordri / Gato / Gato / (waiting on the 3rd gato :P)

Grimm / Grimm/ Grimm / Kiril / Nordri (does it have to be a 4 star hero?)

Heimdall / Kadilen / Telluria / Lianna / Morgan le Fay

Gunnar C - Nordri - Gato - Gato - Valen/Ulmer (will soon replaced by 3rd Gato)
Hawkmoon C - Sq Wabbit - 3x Rudolph

BT - Wilbur - Falcon - Scarlett - Colen
Kiril - Nordri - Grimm - Grimm - Triton
Jackal - Jackal - Gretel - Chao/Danza - Wu

BT - Wilbur - Falcon - Scarlett - Anzogh
Kiril - Nordri - Grimm - Vela - Magni

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