Help With My Defense Team

Hello Guys,

I’ve been struggling to build my Defense Team since I start playing, topics and discussions have been great guidances. I’ve got some help on my early stages ( appreciate that ) but now, after reading and researching a bit seems worst :frowning:

My main point is about my Tank, and flanks. Ive been using GM as a Tank, Vela as a left Flank and freya on the right. Lianna is just fine on the left wing and Malosi will be replace by CJoOn on the right.

Considering that I have Costume Rigard, would be a better choice over Freya? and GM is a beast on the flank, I’m sure he supposed to be there but due my actual situation I Can’t think in a better configuration.

Could you guys please give me a hand? Any suggestion and thoughts are very Welcome.

Freya tank is SUPER annoying!

If you could give some druid emblems, it’s clearly better than GM.

But GM also does pretty well as a tank.

My defense team is,
Jabberwock+20(Left wing)
Costume Isarnia+6(Right Flank)
Clarissa+20(Right Wing)

Yes, it’s not even 5 heroes! but this team keep 2500+ without any problem.

So you can choose between GM and Freya.

Whatever you choose, they keep diamond arena easily.

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I’m quite short of Druid emblems, would you swap Costumed Rigard emblemed over Freya?

My answer is No.

As you can see, I prefer offensive defense team.

Freya has defensive buff and minions(same as overheal).

And manacut when she down is real issue.

If you really wanna put Costume Regard, then
malosi -> Lianna
Lianna -> Rigard

Double purple heroes do pretty well(at least my defense team).

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