Alfrike vs Onyx, or others?

Ok, I’ve already fully levelled Kage, C Sartana, Freya, Grimble… but who should I give priority next?

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If you are having any issues with fighting against monsters/bosses in events etc take Alfrike and those issues are over. She is also extremely fun to play, though some people are deterred by very slow mana (not an issue for me)

Else, Onyx.

Technically, Bera has a nice synergy with Freya, but it’s a niche and doesn’t have that much of an impact - it may wait.


Thanks for all that, I was all set to promote Onyx, when Alfrike dropped. Bera has proved her synergy with Freya, but she is squishy at 3/70

@Suicide_Bunny just been looking at the top alliance… the first four teams have Bera tanks!!!

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Are you looking for a tank or overall use hero?

Bera takes some mana of the opponents when she dies which may be helpful for a tank, the 20% minion meatshield at fast speed is also useful but that’s something you already get from Freya if you want that from a tank… Imho Bera on defense is very easy to counter and that will be even easier when Uraeus is released. I don’t think Bera is the reason why these players have plenty troophies - Frigg and Odin flanks are.

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Mok-Arr is the obvious choice here :grin:

Alfrike is amazing, especially if you have the troops and emblems to speed her up. If not, go onyx


I don’t have Alfrike, but I have Onyx at +10 so here are some of his plus points

  • He dispels and is a Ranger so can bypass too
  • Like all ninjas, his first charge is 2.5 ghosted tiles. When raiding, he’s deadly fast when there are gaps in the defense. What his first charge lacks in the damage, he makes up in frequency. I usually raid 3-1-1 red, but when finishing off an opponent, I find myself more often looking for purple tiles instead of red ones.
  • He prevents status buffs, and is very useful against the currently trendy BK and Krampus taunt tanks

On the other hand, I hate facing Alfrike in raids, so I don’t think you can go wrong either way

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Go with onyx. I have alfrike but I never use her except in rush attack wars and tournaments. Onyx is just too good and can be used in every part of the game :wink:


Alfrike on rush tournaments is a monster but elsewhere she’s too slow and always casts when the fight is almost over.
Bera is good but niche.
Onyx is your choice… offensively he can be used strategically is a meta where bk or krampus tanks are behind the corner

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