Dr. Moreau or Freya (please help)

I need a decent purple tank. And I have Dr. Moreau and Freya at 4.70, but i only have materials for one. I don’t use a lot of minion makers, but I like the meatshield and defense buff on Freya, however, I also like Dr. Moreaus’ damage and accuracy ailment, but I’ve fought him and he feels a little underwhelming seeing that the blind can easily be cleansed. What do you guys tbink?

Of the 2, Freya is a better tank. Who’s better overall…that’s a little more personal preference.



Freya is the better tank. I personally love minion maker tanks as I have a lot of counters for them, but overall people tend to struggle a bit against Freya and Bera. Freya would also be great for auto farming.

Dr Moreau is a decent hero but I have tried him (at +18 emblems I thnk) at tank in normal raids and in a couple of wars and he does not do well. In war I think I got O/S about 7/8 times - my +4 Malicna does better as tank than he does.


I can tell you this much… I’m sure everyone in the Top 50 Alliances has both heroes - at least most. I am in a Top 50 Alliance and every war is either Bera or Freya as defensive tank. EVERY WAR.

I am in a top 50 and have neither, but I agree that most would have one or the other.
I’d say about 50% to 70% of the teams we fave have Freya or Bera tanks

Thanks, guys! Really good input!

This might be too late but my vote would definitely go to Freya, Vortex… Aside from her overall abilities, her Vanaheim Realm ability when she dies can really set a enemy back & give u the time needed to mana up ur other heroes… And if the enemy doesn’t fire off their abilities in the right order on the turn Freya dies they lose the rest… That will turn many Raid loses into Raid WINS!! :+1:

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