🌈 Beating Contest of Elements as a F2P: Guide and Opinion (NATURE)

Hello all! Today I’m happy to share my run on Contest of Elements Quest and share my opinion and strategy on it. I’ll talk about my experience, my opinion, my hero deck and strategies used while being a F2P just like I did for Contest of Elements: Holy.

✔ Strategy:
After I accumulated experience by finishing the holy contest, i didn’t try stages with 1/1 heroes nor 3/70. This time, I’ve made a picture of every team used and you’ll be able to see them bellow.

Here are my current Nature heroes:

✔ Items:
Honestly, I hardly used any. Some mana potions to speed things up. Oh, important: bring resurrection scrolls. I kept them with me at all times in case of emergencies. I ended up using it a few times when enemies decided to hit the same hero 2 or 3 times, ending up killing them.

✔ Heroes:
I’ll make a good list and separate them in 3 categories based on MY EXPERIENCE. I don’t newer OP heroes, so I believe this “guide” is more useful for small decks like mine, and besides small, cheap ones. I believe you have some hidden gems unused there:

imageimageimage Key heroes:

~ Grevle: Not only the most cute. I consider myself so lucky now for having two maxed. I used both copies (one has emblems, other not) in the early stages and his presence just made everything a piece of cake. Health boost + attack boost? Yes, please.

~ Noril: You gonna need some firepower to kill your enemies. Well, this little guy can lend you some. His damage was incredibly high. Specially with the right combos (Grevle + Isshtak for example). I said to myself I would not set damage heroes in this category since they can be easily switched, but this guy made wonders.

~Costume Kashhrek: my only Nature health boost that is not 3*. Well… Nothing else to be said since he won’t do anything but boost you health (lol) but it’s super important.

~ Lady of The Lake: Come on. Heavy healing and mana cut. I’ve got mine from Soul Exchange and don’t regret giving a maxed Sartana and Maxed Joon for her. Saved her for last 2 stages and she just ROCKED it.

image image
~ Hansel & Gretel Peters: The silencers. I have pulled Tettukh today so I didn’t used him, but I believe he’s also useful. Keeping bosses muted is awesome, the mobs too, since they can cast some annoying ailments like permanent mana generation down.

imageimage Really good heroes:

~ Zocc: Never used him that much until and personally, I think he’s underpowered. But… mana control will be nice here. Paired here with Lady of The Lake and… well… Didn’t had problems with Xandrella annoying skill.

~ Kadilen: This one may be a surprise but she helped me a lot. Mine has emblems, but no costume. Her protection against special skills was LEGIT. It helps a lot, more than I could imagine. I believe the costume version will rock too.

image image
~ Goopy and Isshtak: Hit all + mana ailment will help a lot. Used him in early stages and kept the enemies skills under my control. The damage + Grevle attack buff + Isshtak def down was worthy it.

image image
~ Franz and Quenell: My most premium combo. Pure firepower. Saved both for last 2 stages. Charging them with mana pots and making Quenell do multiple hits will delete anything’s existences.

~ Mielikki: minions = extra health. Also, she is one of the only options to clean the heavy mana slowing ailment that mobs will fire on you. She did an excelent job.

image Helpful heroes

~ Lianna: another S1 that made important role. I have 2 maxed + costume bonus, only one has emblems but I have used both, twice each. Almost one shotting the small mobs was super useful.

~Costume Melendor: I always hated him but he did nice. Healing and defense buff were actually… oretty useful. Cleanse is a bonus, specially because of Atomos. He and his revive buff were annoying.

~ Ptolemy: will boost your health most of time + ailment protection against that annoying mana slowing and Friggs DEF down. His stats are also great.

✔ Rewards:
basically do not exist. Two miserable summons in the most crap portal ever.

✔ Team I have used:

• gameplay notes: it was a lot easier than Holy version. Maybe because I had more mana control or just got used to the style of the event. Important to note that I’ve used Elradir and his presence is totally indifferent. Only used him because i lack nature heroes in general. He’s trash. At least he can resist Xandrella’s ailment.

✔ My summons:
I had 4 free summons saved. Nature is my most weak element so I spent then there. My aim was Almur:

  • Jing (WO3K 3*) - new
  • Tehtukk (S4) - new
  • Ishhtak (S1) - dupe
  • Mnesseus (S2) - dupe

Hope it helps!!! :green_heart:

  • Extra:
    Me clearing the last 2 stages on video:

Always so well done. Great detail once again!

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Congratulations, well done! Your green roster is very strong, and I suspect you didn’t use anywhere near as many items as I did!

(I used 1-1 Melendor, 1-1 Lianna Horghall etc for the first two levels lol)

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You forget one of the most important key heroes, Faiez.


Health boost + Def Up + Ailment Protection to all. He is one of the best key heroes here that you can get him easily.

And another key heroes, Gadeirus Costume.


Health boost + Attack Boost. Pretty like 4* version of Grevle.

For me, in my opinion, I like atk down hero. Skittleskull and Horghall reduce the damage a lot. I have Skittleskull costume but don’t have Horghall costume. Costume version is better but normal version is enough.

image image image

Another hero that I have but didn’t test is Dölgöön.


I think his share damage and def up is useful. You can also use him to apply heavy def down on enemy.


So much work has gone into this - thank you for sharing :green_heart:

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Faiez is amazing in this contest. I used him in last two stages and went through them easily.


for F2P, the key is 3* heroes can boost health (Faiez,…), time freeze, time stop, dragon attack, … all can farm


As a FTP I was also able to finish. Hansel was clutch (HA8); didn’t have Peters. Used him on levels 7&8. Had all 4* through those levels saving my 5* for 9&10.

I brought and used quite a number of timestops.


Thank you. So kind of you.

Thank you. Franz, Lady and Quenell are my highlights. They are really game changing. Sadly I still miss the Nature elemental defense down. :expressionless:

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I didn’t forgot, I don’t own him. :sweat_smile:
But nice job sharing the heroes you’ve used too. I bet C. Gad is also good but I also don’t have him.

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Thanks my dear! :innocent:

Nice to hear a 3* hero being used in last stages. S5 heroes are really ridiculous :rofl: good job!

Both my Hansel and Peters are also from Ha8. They were key. Amazing job. Now I’ve got Tehtukk, who I’ll for sure max.

Oh, that is weird. You have Ptolemy but don’t have Faiez. 3* S5 is easy to get. I pull at least 3 Faiez for now but never pull Ptolemy :smile:.

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I didn’t made many s5 pulls. I’m saving the coins. Because of roster space, leveling schedule and hotm. :grin:

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Nice work on the write-up!

My MVP was Faiez :slight_smile: Besides him I went Brute Force on the last 2 stages: Almur, Marcel, Grace, Francine. Triple Def down hahaha! went rather quick.

Stages 7/8 were much tougher for me with:CMelendor as healer and Franz, Kalö, Tettukh, Caedmon lol thought people would die, so I brought Kalö, but they didn´t die so it was a slog… Also lack of alternatives, I have no other emblemed 4 or 5 stars.

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