Contest of elements isn’t fair

The new contest of Elements is Stupidly hard and unfair. Congrats not only have you failed at making it fun but your art work for the hero’s is pathetically ugly and dumb. Stop releasing new heros you greedy people and make the game fun again.

The event wasnt made for EVERYONE to complete. I have been playing for 4 years now and I wasnt able to complete the last 2 stages of the Contest of Elements.

If it were in Blue, I would have had a better chance, but I have not been blessed with a lot of 5* yellow heroes, and havent maxed near enough 4*.

I think it is time for people to realize that not everything can/should be able to be completed by all players.


I think it’s also worth pointing out that people shouldn’t necessarily neglect their 3* heroes. They’re cheap and can handle the first 4 stages, so you can save your 4 and 5 star heroes for the last 6 stages. The problem is that people chase and level the 5* heroes they get, and as a result, they have a shallow depth, especially if they use their 3* as feeders. For the resources needed to completely ascend a 5*, you could probably get 3 or 4 3* heroes.

Personally, I only used 5* heroes on the last 2 stages, the others in between were just 4* heroes. So, if you were talking about minimums (and making use of the expanded item inventory), you can probably get away with 10 3*, 10 4* and 5 5* heroes. Can depend on the heroes of course.


I’ve been playing for 5 years and have maxed out lines of yellow it doesn’t matter the last two levels just annihilate everyone

I’ve been playing for 2,5 years and I beat this quest with 3* and 4* heroes (mostly). I used only 3 maxed legendary heroes. I think that quest was fun, much better than new Costume quest for sure. Items help for sure and the most expensive one I used was tornado.
Try to improve your gameplay, not demand to make everything easier.


More than 3 or 4.

  • ham & recruits it would be closer to 10.
  • emblems - it’s about 6,5
  • aethers: 7 (counting only the “rarest” 3* aethers)
  • ascension mats - it isn’t even comparable, to ascend 3* you only need farmable mats you can get from any map.

With the resources needed to ascend a 5* you can fully ascend 2-3 4*!

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I’ve been playing for 2;5 years as well and got only to 6 stage before running out of heroes.
First 4 stages I did with 3*, but I don’t have any 4* or 5* yellow healers, so few times I run out of healing potions before I could kill all the enemies :frowning:

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Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the ham and recruits. So basically you could ascend 1 5* hero to help with the last 2 stages, or 2 full teams to get you through the first 4 stages. Or 1 partial 4* team.
I think it is something that should be emphasized to new players so they aren’t stuck working on 1 5* instead of having some initial war deapth.

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That’s unfortunate! It is possible that yellow color is your weakest one and yellow CoE will be too difficult. How about other colors? Personally I think that red CoE will be very difficult for me as I have only 2 healers, Boldtusk and Hawkmoon.

Well, my weakest color actually is purple, where on higher levels I have mainly healers ;). Probably also will stop at about stage 6.
In yellow I have a good set of shooters, but healers keep avoiding me.
Best chance I have in green, over 30 playable heroes including 8 healers (5 of them overhealers)
In red again not enough healers, one Hawkmoon and 2 Boldtusks.
Blue again short in healers, only 2 in 4-5* range, but more 3* (Helo, Frosty, Lemur)

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I think that’s the main weakness of yellow. Outside of Vivica, there are no S1 yellow healers. Meanwhile, purple has 2 (Rigard, Sabina), green has Melandor, blue has Kiril, and red has Boldtusk.

Kind of ironic when you consider it’s a holy color, but doesn’t have any accessible healers. I only lucked out with some event healers (Candy, Rekhetre, 2x Woolerton, D’Andre). Maybe some day they’ll add the circus heroes into the “retired” hero pool so you can get them from HA5 and 8.

I agree, it is rather strange that there’s no yellow 4* healer in season 1. I have Rekhetre and Candy which I use for the early stages, but I also used the 2* panda, Sha-Ji.

I don’t have the sheep lady or the bicycle clown all I have is Gullinbursti. My Vivica is still at 1-1 because I’ve not gotten round to her.


On the 3* level it was even worse. For a long time the only accessible 3* heroes were Belith (green) and Hawkmoon (red), then also quite easy Grevle (also green). Before CF1 and S4 blue 3* healers were quite difficult to get (Lemur in Teltoc and Frosty in Christmas event), first yellow 3* healer came with Starfall Circus, and was also hard to get before CF2, now S5 with Rekhetre made yellow healer even easier to get. And in purple the only accessible (but not easy to get) healer is Para from Kalevala, as getting Aderyn without spending a lot of cash is close to impossible.

I agree that this game is already way overcrowded.

SG needs to start making better use of the classical Heroes instead of creating new Heroes.

Either create new family so the classical Heroes or adopt them into the pre-existing families. And give them new quests.

And what a classical hero changes their costume, change their family as well.

Friar Tuck for example should be a member of the Robin Hood family or Nottingham family in his classical form and he should be a member of the underwild family in his costume form.

Defenitely not true! :rofl:
Because there are a lot of players posting how and with what team they finished.

2,5 years F2P player here. This event looks quite hard. Beat the 5 1st levels at the moment, with mostly 3*, and Lady Woolerton + Chao for level 5 (and 6 later on). I’m a bit afraid of the last 2 levels because I’m really short on 5*. Only got Joon maxed and emblemed, and C.Vivica without emblem. Kara is not completed yet.
Healers are the issue here. I start without healer for level 1-2 (Rekhetre may be useful here when maxed out), Candy for lvl 3-4, LWool for lvl 5-6, Maybe C.Vivica for 7-8 and D’André for 9-10.

Good luck to everyone, may the RNGods bless your pulls !

I wonder which great pull(s) I’ll get to complete this event ^^

I did get Aderyn by accident, in the last challenge event. Not even in her own event.

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4.5 years in… Only 2 holy healers… The sheep and viv… I finished it. It was hard if you didn’t use items… But if you used items… It wasn’t that bad.

the event is difficult, but this is not the main problem.

the more serious problem is that the effort and waste of battle materials does not match the reward you get. but what are those 200 coins? if many stopped at level 8. and whoever finished it ended up with 2 3 * on call.
I wasted a lot of battle material to finish all the levels. but I got neither heroes nor anything. just a huge waste of time and materials.

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The whole game is a risk. Even if you didn’t spend battle items… You spent your time and maybe world energy for a dupe bane and dawa.

Let’s say… There are 100 of us, with 2 pulls… Gone will get dawas and badness… But others will get Anastasia and bane… And some will get onatel and li xiu… And some… Statistically will get whatever shiny new 5* there is and bane. So… Just because you were in the overwhelming trash group… Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.