Contest of Elements Terrible for Newer Players

Contest of Elements is coming October 10. In it we will only be allowed to use Holy Heroes. I have no problem with that. I have an okay Holy team I can use. But then they say I can only use my Holy Heroes twice. I have a big problem with that. That is so stingy. 10 levels and I can only use each hero twice. I will work hard to lvl up some more Holy Heroes in preparation but I won’t have more than 12 Holy Heroes max at that point. I have about 8 right now. Then add in some lvl1 heroes. Maybe I can do 5 or 6 levels but certainly not 10. That is so frustrating. I can finish every other event. Hoping that before this event comes Empires and Puzzles changes the stingy requirement of only use heroes twice.


Yes, this is a problem - you need 25+ heroes of the same color … Perhaps the first stages will not be very difficult and they can be completed with the help of 1-2 heroes. I only have 25 yellow ones, more allowed items should help.


Yes, it will be challenging for newer players with not enough holy heroes.
Luckily at least we can bring double amount of battle items.
So for the first levesl a few unleveled heroes will be a possible option.


Am I confused? That’s not what I’m reading in the Beta Beat. Says there that Holy heroes can be used 5 times and all other heroes used 2 times. Unless I’m reading the explanation below incorrectly.

Each hero can be used a limited number of times.

Heroes are considered usen when you start a quest battle. The battles get increasely difficult, so plan your Teams carefully.

Hero usages limits for the quest:
Super Elemental Heroes: 5
All other heroes: 2

I am expecting them to change the usage amount of individual heroes as virtually everyone who posted feedback mentioned how difficult it will be for not just newer players, but also those who don’t have a deep roster of heroes.

Here were my thoughts from Beta…

I personally can not complete this event/quest.

Seriously, the cap to how much you can use the Holy hero has to be increased. I simply lack the roster depth because I don’t keep around a bunch of heroes I would rarely ever use.

I have seven 5* heroes (not including the 2 Beta heroes), five 4* , and four 3*. A total of 16 heroes. Even if I field 4 teams of 4 heroes, I can not complete the remaining 2 levels.


All other = all other holy heroes can be used twice.

The two new Legendaries can be used 5 times.

Non Holy heroes are not selectable.


Wow…ok. Well that’s something

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I should be ok. Have 46 holy heroes maxed. Can probably use several non-leveled heroes in the first few stages like in the Tavern of Legends. But damn…this is gonna be difficult for some folks.

Yep… lol

You can use each hero twice. You only need 25 heroes.

10 levels
5 teams of 5
2 uses each team


In theory you can get through this without having the necessary amount of heroes through super heavy item usage in the first few stages and fielding one or two heroes only.


If you fail on stage than that is also counts as an usage.
So if you can not complete all at first attempt then you will need 30 heroes at least.
Of course 5 heroes are not mandatory, but there was be 5 waves in all stages, and all stage is a boss stage, with at least 1 boss and 2 elite enemies, except the last stage with 3 bosses.

So it is better to bring more heroes.

Revive scrolls will be also useful.


Contest of Elements
Oct. 10, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 13, 07:00 UTC

  • Contest of Elements: Holy
    • 10 stages
    • Only Holy Heroes can be used
    • Hero Roster Mastery (previously seen in Tavern of Legends):
      • Heroes can be used up to 2 times in the event
        • Costumes are not considered separate Heroes and will share this upper limit with their “base” Hero
      • Contest of Elements Event Heroes can be used up to 5 times
    • Battle Item capacity is doubled


Only Holy Heroes allowed which stinks. 25 Holy Heroes needed which is crazy. They expect us to spend a huge amount of money to get their Special Event Heroes that you could use 5 times. But you would have to buy those Heroes during the event and then level them up immediately. These Heroes will likely be Holy so you wouldn’t be able to use them in the next Element Event using a different element?

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SG is making this game frustrating for new players… Last week it was the new S1 masquerade event (this would have been exceptionally challenging to a new player), then Gargoyle Event this past weekend, and now this upcoming Contents of Elements Event.


Really. Thanks, I got a chance.

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You do get double the amount of battle items so that helps a lot. 10x axes, bombs and dragons is total of 9000 damage. That’s propably enough to complete early stages with any garbage heroes

In order to create engaging content for some players, other players will be at a disadvantage or not like the content. We can’t all get the exact content that caters to our style.

It does suck for newer players. I would rather the rewards be switched so it’s not as heavily weighted towards the last stage.


I don’t like it. And yes I have enough holy heroes but no one cares because a lot of people wouldn’t be able to compete for the contest rule. I like inclusive and SGG misses the mark often. Hell, the tower even allow you to pay to finish, this one is you’ve got to have a lot of heroes and that’s a bummer.


I don’t mind the challenge here but can’t say until I play it, I think it will be fine… This is a decent place to put a challenge, a new event, and leave old events like costumes alone for free and newer players.

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In fairness, a lot of content is going to be terrible for newer players. Even the regular challenge events were not really that accessible to me as a new player (I’m talking about the old Pirates/Avalon type events). The question is how long will they remain terrible. Getting 25 heroes of a certain color will take some time. I imagine new players (months old), may be able to do a few of the stages, but once you hit a year or so, probably a bit further along. Of course, with the quirks of randomness, people aren’t going to level all colors evenly.